Friday, March 20, 2009


So I was working on some posts for something big I have planned for my birthday month and I accidentally may have published one before it was supposed to be! I was trying to do the scheduled postings, but messed up! I quickly deleted it, but it may still show up on your reader. If you see a random birthday post, PLEASE ignore it!

Now that I was dumb enough to spill the beans (but hopefully not), stay tuned for a fun birthday announcement next Wednesday!

Thanks for all your comments on my last post! You all are too sweet and really have brightened my day!


Anonymous said...

You did not dream that. I had a blog with all my monogrammed stuff for sale but have decided to close. I also have a fulltime day job and was working 7-4 at that then would come home and do monogramming and such until 10 or 11 almost every night. Something had to go and since I get paid way more at the full time job, the monogramming had to go. I am still doing my monogrammed stuff for friends and family just no longer selling it from the blog.
Thanks for the birthday wishes!!!

prettyface said...

Aww I just saw YoYo's picture...HOW ADORABLE!!!