Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Big Birthday Reveal!

Join me for a month long of celebrating! That's right - it's now one month until my 25th birthday! While I'm not excited about turning a quarter of a century this year, I'm still super excited to be celebrating ME! Haha, I'm not really *this* conceited or self-centered, but I do love me some good birthday fun. Since this is such a big year for me, I'd like to share the love and include all of my bloggy friends in the celebration!

You know what this means - GIVEAWAYS GALORE!

I've thought long and hard about what I want to do and give away, and if I do say so myself, the prizes are pretty spectacular!

Here's how it will work. I'll start the first giveaway this Friday (March 27) and it will run until April 3 at midnight PST. I'll draw the winner Saturday!

Then each of the next 3 (that's right, 3!) giveaways will begin on Mondays, run thru Fridays, and the winner(s) will be announced on Saturdays.

General announcements for each giveaway:

1. All giveaways will end on Friday at 8 pm PST (which is 11 pm EST for all my East Coast friends).

2. Winners will have 3 days to contact me with their shipping information. If I'm not contacted, I will draw a new winner. Contact me via email - sweetteadiaires {at} gmail {dot} com.

3. The same goes for each giveaway:

1 entry for commenting
2 for following
3 for blogging about giveaway
4 for adding my new blog button to your blog!

So there is a possibility of 10 entries. You don't have to do each one and you don't have to enter each giveaway, but just be sure to let me know how many entries you are entitled to in ONE comment. I'm serious - please please please don't leave multiple comments! Since I don't use a random generator and rely on my hands to do the writing, it just makes it so much easier for me if you leave only one comment.

It's that simple friends!

I hope you all are very excited about the giveaways...I know I am!

See you back on Friday when I announce Giveaway #1!

And don't forget to enter my *impromptu* blog makeover giveaway here. You have until Tuesday night at 8 pm PST for that one!


Prep in the Big Apple said...

Oooh I love giveaways. So exciting! And that cake looks sooo yummy!

Dollface said...

Happy almost 25th gorgeous!! Hope to see u on my blog soon... xoxo

Niki said...

How exciting!!! Can't wait to celebrate your birthday month with you!

Prep-E Girl said...

I already have your button. Does that mean I can't get extra entries?



Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fun celebration!

Blake's Mama said...

Your blog is adorable - really enjoy reading! Happy Bday month.

Katie said...

Yea for a month til your birthday!!! I think that this is a great way to celebrate!

AmyT said...

fun fun fun!!!

Lucky in Love said...

You are so sweet to do this!!

I think birthdays should be celebrated all month anyway :)

Too bad mine in on the 3rd of month long celebration for me!

MrsSouthernBelle said...

I will be 25 in a few months as well and I hadnt thought of it as a 1/4 century! Wow where does time go!?

Jane said...

Happy 1 Month to your 25th! Perhaps I will do a month long celebration in September for mine! :)

Jen said...

I am SOOOOO excited! What a great way to celebrate!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness girl! You are the epitomy of generous. Happy early, early birthday! 25 is so much fun!

Miss. Pretty said...

I think you are the most GIVING person, EVAAAA, seriously! haha can't wait :) my motto will be "keep your eye on the priiize!" ha

MaierHousehold said...

I am so excited! This is quite generous for you to do this in honor of your birthday!

Wish me luck!

Gwen said...

What a fabulous way to celebrate your birthday!!! You are such a super sweet giving person...we all should be sending you presents!!! I'm excited though. XOXO

Jules said...

I love a good giveaway. I am so excited to see what the prizes are! You're birthday will be here soon :)

Sharon said...

HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!! l♥ve that you're celebrating for an entire month .. don't worry 25 is great .. next month i'll be 35 & i know i'm still young .. it's all in your attitude & perception .. HAVE A GREAT ONE!!