Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Wish List Wednesday

I have far too much time on my hands. I'm BORED! My boss is not coming in today (as far as I know) and he left no assignments for me or my team members. I could be utilizing this time to work on Business Economics or Managerial Accounting, but honestly I just don't want about a WISH LIST instead? Yeah, I think that sounds like a good idea too! In fact, let's make it a WISH LIST WEDNESDAY. I'll try to make it a "regular" thing!

1. Geralynn Sandal by Coach. These are classic and fun, the perfect sandal for spring.


2. Madison Op Art Shoulder Bag, again by Coach. See a pattern here? I have loved Coach for a very very very long time and each year for my birthday I get a new Coach purse. My eyes are on a colorful one this year because I generally stick to brown and black.


3. I love to visit Anthropologie. I hate their prices and often refuse to pay that much for any one item, but I was recently in the store in Santa Barbara and just love everything about it. Plus they have the cutest kitchenwares and accessories. I saw this top on the model and it looked so dainty and feminine. If you ever watch Giada on Food Network then you know her husband Todd is a designer for Anthropologie. So that's why she always looks so amazing on her show...these clothes are made for her body.



4. Troy and I went to Hollywood on Monday afternoon and spent the day walking, laughing, talking, exploring...We went to Urban Outfitters and I found this amazing dress. I want it for my birthday and I think once I reach my goal weight it will look fabulous! I am in love with the side pockets and the delicate lace embroidery.


5. I am a girly girl. I love dresses and headbands, purses and heels...I love wearing dresses because 1) they're comfy, 2) I'm proud of my legs, and 3) I don't get as hot as I would if I were wearing jeans. I have been eyeing this dress since I saw it at Neiman Marcus a few weeks back. But now I can't find it online. Shopbop has one style of it, but the one I want is way more colorful. The good news is that this one is marked down to $147.50 from $295.


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