Thursday, January 15, 2009

my current obsessions:

i have ocd.  i really do i think.  and it's not even about things like cleaning or counting tiles.  if you walked into my apartment you would probably be appalled that anyone could live like i do.  it's a mess.  but i don't mind the clutter as long as the floors are vacuumed.  ocd #1 - vacuumed floors.  and that is how you spell vacuum.  i googled it.  who cares that the coffee table is hidden under months and months of papers and loose unpaid bills?  i don't.  but if there is even one speck on the carpet, you can bet i'm on my way to the closet to whip out the vacuum.

another thing i'm obsessive about?  to do lists.  who cares if i actually accomplish anything on the list because the point is to have a list and that's all.  i make lists for everything just to make one and then i forget about it.  seriously i will spend hours working on a grocery list and then i'll leave it behind on accident and have to try to remember the list from memory.  that method never works because i always end up forgetting key ingredients.

anyway, being obsessive about things can be good and bad.  case in point - weight watchers.  i'm obsessed with following my plan to a tee.  i am obsessed with figuring out points, planning meals and frequenting the WW message boards.  this part is good.  the bad part - worrying about every little crumb i place in my mouth.  worrying about how much my weight has changed from hour to hour.  worrying that i won't lose weight at my next weigh in.  i am working on finding a happy medium between the good and bad.

so this list had a point.  see there i go making lists current obsessions:

1.  weight watcher, please see above.

2.  fresh and easy neighborhood market.  98 cent produce packs.  $3.99 fresh atlantic salmon.  $5.99 for a 24 pack of soda (i don't drink it, but wow what a great deal).  totino's PARTY PIZZA!  i no longer enjoy these bad boys but at one point in time, i had 2 or 3 a week.  seriously, but ralph's no longer carries the brand so i thought our love affair was over.  then i saw them here!  but i can't have one because of obsession #1.

3.  hulu.  i can watch all my favorite shows here.  for free.  have you seen psych or monk?  these are new discoveries for me and i love them both.

4.  water.  100+ ounces a day.  this is more of a necessity rather than an obsession.  but i have become rather ocd about getting my h20.

so that is what i'm obsessing over this week.  now i'm off to make a list of things i need to get done this weekend...

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