Thursday, January 8, 2009

Setting Weight-Loss Goals

Goals are both motivating and inspiring.  They really help us to focus on what's ahead.  They also serve as a reminder of the reasons behind all of our hard work and efforts.  However, I always run into the same problem when I'm setting a goal.  I  make my goal way too big and seemingly unachievable in a reasonable amount of time.  Instead of praising myself for the little goals I'm reaching, I find that I get discouraged for not reaching my big goal fast enough.  So this year I have changed my mindset in order to keep me more motivated and on track.

WW Goal-Setting Strategy when setting your first goal is to pick a goal that will get you started, and prove to yourself that you CAN do this.  Don't even think about the next step yet.  Focus on this one small yet significant goal that you want to see yourself accomplish.

I have chosen my first goal to be to lose 5% of my weight by January 26th.  I have already lost 3 pounds and have 3 weeks to lose the additional weight.  I think this is an incredibly realistic goal that will make me feel so proud of myself.  It helps me to visualize my WI on Jan. 26th, and see it as a success.

It also helps me to acknowledge the accomplishments I make every day as well because those are like mini goals in themselves - not cheating even ONCE!, staying within my allowed points every day (for 9 full days now), accumulating activity points but not using them, adding a daily 30 minute walk to my workday (this has made a huge change in the way I feel!), drinking lots of water, not eating after 7 pm, making time to do yoga and cardio exercise...

I will not fail this time, and I hope you feel the same way about staying motivated and on track.  We can do this together!  Good luck to everyone :)


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