Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Must Haves (Ok Ok WANTS)

So I've already vowed to spend less money, but I still am going to compile a "wishlist" so that when I reach certain weight goals I can celebrate and reward myself. I have something more to work towards and that is always motivation.

1. From Williams-Sonoma comes this beautiful Le Creuset Wide Dutch Oven. I need it, I want it, I will find a way to get it. Just beautiful and oh so functional.


2. I am not sure how this would look on me, but I know I love it. A couple of months ago I was here and saw the cutest headbands that someone had made. Then I saw this headband at Forever 21 for $7.80!


3. A perfect bikini for summer. Found this little number on this page of the Nordstrom website. I just want to mention that I don't think this model is the epitome of healthy and I will definitely fill out the swimsuit a bit more!! But I love the colors and shape!


4. The perfect dress for going out on my birthday!! I am so excited to have seen this Nicole Miller piece, again from Nordstrom and found here. Now I only have to figure out how to convince my parents that I just HAD to purchase this using their credit card...hmm. Maybe an early birthday present?


5. A perfect spring tote is what's next on my wishlist. This one by Juicy Couture looks pretty cute. I'm used to carrying Coach so this would be a nice change.



Rachel said...

The dress pic doesn't work :(

afreshstartin2009 said...

I think I fixed it!!!

Chloe said...

that nicole miller dress is on sale now! hmm...