Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My First Ever Really Cool Totally Awesome GIVEAWAY

I am very excited to be hosting my first giveaway. This is exclusively for WW members that have landed on my site via the WW online message boards. I love WW and really think it has done so much for me in the short month I've been following the plan. The support I receive from the boards gives me so much motivation!

To enter my fabulous giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment with your user name on the WW message boards and answer this question:

What is your favorite thing to eat since joining WW?

For me I would say I love making recipes from the WW site that resemble things I used to eat, but are made way healthier now and still taste great! The chicken parmesan, juicy burgers, teriyaki chicken and broccoli just to name a few! I also love skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, brown rice, whole wheat tortillas and red peppers. It's amazing to realize that healthy doesn't always mean bad tasting. I love experimenting with new foods that are tasty but low in points! I want your ideas!

I will select a winner using a random generator. Deadline for entry is January 31 and the winner will be announced sometime February 2, 2009.

Other Rules:

Only residents with US mailing addresses may enter.

Only one entry per person - I have to approve your comment before it gets posted so you may not see it right away.

Entries must be received by midnight (PCT) on January 31.

One grand prize winner will receive the following:

This contains 1 package Fiber One Bars, 1 package WW 1 point chocolate candies, 1 WW Mix It Match It cookbook with over 1000 B, L & D combinations, and a fun card deck of 52 Great Cheap Date ideas!

In addition, the winner will have the choice of either:

a. One Year Subscription to Weight Watchers Magazineimg_2120or

b. 2 DVD set of Yoga Booty Ballet (click on the link for details about the product)


Now all you have to do is leave your comment! Good luck!


Kim aka sugarshoes said...

I LOVE western alternative bagels with a laughing cow wedge! I feel like I am totally splurging!

Kim aka sugarshoes

Timmera (kcsmira) said...

*First I think its totally cool that you are doing this...*

I cannot even start, I love FOOD in general - skinny cow is amazing, jolly time popcorn, smart ones angel hair pasta, ww treats (like cake, muffins etc...) and while I don't eat a lot of the treats it is awesome that they exist. Also me and laughing cow cheese have a thing!

Kasey said...

My screen name on the boards is KaseyL86, though I am new to the board. :) Well, a returning member from awhile ago.

My favorite thing is a new recipe I got from the WW website. I take a whole grain tortilla and spread it with one wedge of Laughing Cow cheese. I add lettuce and 2 slices of turkey, and a little bit of honey mustard. I believe the recipe online also calls for sliced apples, but I make it without it. It's only 3 points and it's yummy as a snack, or as lunch! :)

Ashley said...

I LOVE laughing cow cheese, Vita muffins, Arnolds sandwich flats, smoothies, baked potatoes...i can keep going!!!

Christine said...

i LOVE lauging cow cheese on a Jenny O turkey burger! cool blog and giveaway... my sn on ww is martinpierret

candi (cclnd1) said...

This is so nice that you are doing a giveaway like this !!! One of my favorite things is the low fat sugar free chocolate swirl pudding soooo good !!!!

Emily(irisdaisy3) said...

First of all, I its awesome to see my BL teammates pics and be able to put a face to a name! Also this giveaway is so amazing! Foods I love since WW include boca burgers, WW bagels, hummus, lf pudding, baked potato fries, yum! I would say I have also just grown in my love for fruit!!

Rachel said...

WW sn: whisperedkiss

My favorite food since joining WW is Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal...Only 1 PT per serving!!

Sheila(babykid) said...

This was an awesome idea.

I love so many things, but I'm a huge chipaholic, so for me the FF Pringles, any flavor are my favorite thing.

jodi said...

On the weight watcher board I am satsop54. I am more of a lurker.

My new favorite thing is the western bagel english muffin with peanut butter on it.


Lisa said...

I think it's unanimous - - - Laughing Cow cheese!

It has been a staple in my fridge at home and at work for years now. I love it on just about everything. . . . I even put it in my baked potatoes.

Amanda said...

WW Name: A_Leigh_Kitten

I think my favorite thing to eat is mexican food - quesadillas, taco salads - mmmm :)

My favorite thing to make is healthier Italian food for DBF.
I use the smart taste pasta, either veggie crumbles, or turkey in place of meat sauce, and then Fat free or reduced fat cheeses. Today I made an awesome baked ziti that turned out to be only 5 pts per serving. DBF has no clue that it's not full fat, and it's good for him!!

Amy Parrish said...

This is an awesome idea...and I love your blog. My WW sn is amylp85.

My favorite foods are the ones I find on the Recipe Review Message board. If I want something in particular I know that I can ask the ladies on that board and they will come up with something great (like oven fried Chicken Chimichanga's or the Honeybun cake...yum!).

Megan Ellis said...

I think that this is a great giveaway! My ww sn is meganellis22.
My favorite thing to eat while doing WW is chicken lettuce wraps from PF Chang's or California rolls (sushi)! It's a healthy alternative. I also love Twizzlers b/c they are a low fat food.

Jessica Smith said...

I love laughing cow cheese too. I also love making fajitas.

Krista said...

My favorite thing to eat is fresh fruit. I love pineapple, canteloupe, mango, pomegranate...you name it! Before WW I would rather eat something else, but fresh fruit is now my go to snack!