Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weigh In: Week 1

Wow, I had my first weigh in last night (Monday at 7pm) and I was so nervous.  I knew I had stuck to the plan and hadn't cheated even just once.  But I was still worried because it had only been 5 days since I joined and I didn't have the full week to reap the benefits.  Also I was feeling overly bloated in my tummy region and thought for sure I had blown it.  Well I went and stepped on the scale, 1000 thoughts running through my mind, when the lady said, "Wow, you've lost 3 pounds.  That's great!"

And it was great.  I haven't stopped smiling since and I could probably shout from the rooftops this joyous news.  Yes I know it's only 3 pounds, but this is honestly the first time I have tried a weight loss program that has worked.  I've done the fad diets like cabbage soup, the lemonade diet, etc. and I shed a lot of weight quickly, but as soon as I put solid food in my mouth it was over.  Those are diets of the past.  This time is different because it truly is a lifestyle change.

Okay that's it for now!  I hope next week is as exciting as this week turned out to be.

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afatgirl said...

Congrats!! 3 pounds is an awesome start! I hope next week goes well for you :)

~Jac (aka A Fat Girl)