Thursday, February 17, 2011

Jumping on the Fit Train - Week 7

I'm late getting this posted, but I didn't have a chance to watch Biggest Loser until last night.

Biggest Loser
I was glad to finally see Arthur lose a substantial amount of weight. He definitely had something to prove after he betrayed his team by trading Jen/Jay for Deni/Sarah and basically making both of those teams scapegoats when elimination came around.

My least favorite player is quickly becoming Justin. He has such an attitude of "if someone doesn't lose more than 10 pounds, they're obviously not working hard enough" and "we're a family, jen and jay have to go first." Hello, it's a competition! Yes, you've grown close with your team, but don't you realize that pretty soon your "family dynamic" is going to have to go away and you will have to COMPETE with them! And then he's all like, "I'm the leader and I have to put up a big number" but he only lost 5 pounds!

I really prefer the black team (the originals) over the red team (the unknowns). I just realized last night that there are only two men on the black team, and they've still beaten the red team in every single weigh-in. Granted, last night they definitely wouldn't have won without Arthur's 20 pound weight loss.

Well folks, San Francisco was not very kind to me. The food was too delicious to pass up, and there wasn't enough opportunity to get in the necessary gym time to combat the calories. That's not to say I didn't go to the gym, but it was definitely nothing like my normal workout routine.

But, I'm not looking at it as a failure. I was glad to enjoy myself and while I ate more badly than usual, I was still conscious of what I was putting in my body. I could definitely feel the difference too, even after 24 hours.

Now that we're back, I'm getting back into the gym routine and tracking my calorie intake. Hopefully by my next fit train post, I'll be back on track!


Mary A. said...

Walking Russian Hill constitutes 3 workouts. I'm just saying

Muffy said...

So shocked you've kept up with your resolutions while everyone else has long since abandoned them. You are an inspiration!

Annie said...

I was so glas to see Arthur step it up this week too!! He NEEDED to...hopefully this is the jumpstart that he needed!

Stephanie P. said...

I LOVE your "Jumping on the Fit Train" posts! It makes me feel SO much better to know I'm not the only one who sometimes goes overboard on delicious food. Keep up the awesome work (and posts).