Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jumping on the Fit Train - Week 5

Biggest Loser
Ugh. Don. Or is it Dan? They both suck so I guess it doesn't really matter. What a wasted opportunity - they cheated two people out of the chance to work at the Ranch and change their lives. They should be ashamed of themselves. And then Don took Irene down with him to "ensure" that he could go home! It's seriously incredibly mind-boggling.

Another thorn in my side? ARTHUR! He doesn't care...he doesn't want to be there. He is endangering Jessie at every weigh in. Arthur is huge! He should be losing 15+ pounds a week, just by being there at the Ranch. What is he doing?

I was so shocked at the difference in weight loss between "The Unknowns" and "The Originals." For instance, Justin and Rulon lost a combined total of 33 pounds in one week, which is over 1/2 of the TOTAL TEAM loss of "The Originals." Every single person on "The Unknowns" lost 9 pounds or more, women included. The only-woman team (team pink) of "The Unknowns" weigh 231 and 221, but lost 9 and 11 pounds, respectively. Olivia and Hannah (team purple) on "The Originals" weigh more than the pink team, but only lost 11 pounds combined. There were people on "The Originals" losing only 3's very strange. I know that it all depends on how big you are and how much you have to lose, but there are members of "The Originals" that have a long way to go, and still only lost 5, 6, or 7 pounds (I'm looking at you ARTHUR - he weighs 450+ pounds and only lost 9 pounds at weigh in...what???!!!). I'm at a loss as to why "The Unknowns" are losing so much more than "The Originals." I'm thinking it could be because "The Unknowns" have all of their meals prepared for them so they're not worried about counting calories, but I'm not sure that's still the case since moving back to the Ranch. It could be the trainers and their methods. Honestly, I think they are just more motivated (with the exception of the aqua team on "The Originals" no one else seems to really be stepping it up).

Still going to the gym and burning anywhere from 700-1000 calories per workout session. It's tough, but I look at it as a challenge that I am determined to conquer. I typically do an hour to an hour and a half on the elliptical (not the regular one, but the one where you can do three different types of movement - step, short stride, and long stride), weight machines (i.e., triceps, lateral pull, shoulder press, bicep curl, rowing), and 100-120 sit ups. I mix things up with spin class and on the weekends, hikes.

This is the machine I usually use:

I had a bad weekend eating wise, which carried over into Monday night (Chipotle burrito bowl) but as of Tuesday, I'm back to my strict calorie counting. I'm feeling bloated from the saltiness of the food. It's amazing how quickly you can go from feeling great to feeling bad (it just took one meal for me). I don't like feeling "fatty" and lethargic during the day so I know that those bad foods are definitely affecting me. When I put good things into my body, I feel good. Bottom line.

I weighed in on January 28 and had lost 2.5 pounds from my first weigh-in on January 22.

I'm hoping for a good week of sweating it out in the gym and consuming healthy meals. How are you guys doing with your fitness goals?

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The Aly Way said...

I call that machine the "yellow feet machine" and it is my favorite. That and the stair-stepper! I usually do that machine for thirty minutes, doing a minute at each resistance level up to 20 (1 min at 1, 1 min at 2, etc), and then I work my way down 2 levels at a time. It goes by so quickly. 2.5 pounds is great. Congratulations!

Mrs. Jansson said...

I totally agree with you about the biggest loser! The twins made me so mad because they wasted 2 slots on the show that other hopeful contestants would have killed to have! I also agree with you about Arthur! He's all talk and isn't pulling the kind of numbers that he should be. If he doesn't pick it up soon I'll start to believe he's wasted a slot as well.

I too love the aqua team and think Courtney is amazing. I cheer for her each week and can tell that she grasps how luck she is to be on the show. :) I'm excited for next week. The previews made it out to look exciting!