Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Etsy Love

My best friend is having a baby!

I can't be at her shower, but I still wanted to do something. My other best friend is in charge of making the cupcakes so I decided that I would purchase the cupcake toppers from Etsy.

Unfortunately, due to a miscommunication, I found out that the shower is THIS Saturday, not March 5, like I initially thought. This immediately made me think that I wouldn't be able to get something ordered and shipped in time to arrive for the shower.

But I was wrong!

Luckily, I came across Rebekah from Blissful Nest Studio, and friends let me tell you, she is absolutely amazing! She had a cupcake topper that I was interested in, was able to customize the colors, and make it into a DIY Printable, all in less than 24 hours! She was so quick to respond to my messages and she never made it seem like I was annoying her, even though I knew I was :)

She's great, and I just wanted to make sure that I let everyone know.

I made the toppers last night, and shipped them overnight express so that they would arrive in time for the shower! Here's how they turned out...aren't they fantastic?!

I'll leave you with some items she has available in her shop right now, it's all so cute!

[thank you cards]

[valentine cupcake toppers]

[valentine cards]

Be sure to visit her shop here!


Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

I love Etsy, it never ceases to amaze me the creative people out there!

Dollface said...

Adorable! You always find the cutest things!!! Sorry I havent read your blog in a while, I missed it!!

Jules said...

Congrats to your bestie having a baby on the way! I heart Etsy. It's always nice to come across a seller that is so accommodating. The toppers are super cute!

A Blissful Nest said...

You could not be any sweeter and I swear you did NOT annoy me! I am so glad I could help out and can't wait to help you on your next party!


Glitterista said...

Love these! It's wonderful that you were able to get them in time for the shower. :)

DSS said...

Oh, what a clever idea for cupcake toppers. Wish I had thought of that for the shower I'm hosting Feb. 12!! Unfortunately we've already got sommething...not NEARLY as cute. You are so clever!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Super cute! And the fact that she was so sweet - an added bonus! You're such a great friend t odo this for the shower :)