Monday, February 28, 2011

Are you a Sweet Tea Junkie? GIVEAWAY!!

Good morning friends! In an attempt to make your Monday just a little more cheerful, I've got a GREAT giveaway for you today! I've been so excited about this, and have had the hardest time keeping it to myself. I have a feeling y'all are going to love love love this giveaway so be sure to read this entire post, and make sure you do everything you can to get all of the extra entries!

I was recently contacted by Michael Dorman, owner of Sweet Tea Junkie, a graphic design, print shop & apparel company in central Florida. This company was started as an experiment between a group of friends who loved sweet tea and wanted to see how many other "sweet tea junkies" there were out there. After starting a Myspace page and discovering more than 8,000 people shared their affinity for sweet tea, they knew they had stumbled onto something!

Michael decided to design a shirt and have a friend wear it to a music festival in order to see if anyone expressed an interest/desire to have their own shirt. After seeing the positive response to his design, Michael went to work on 3 new designs and the rest is history! It's been nearly 5 years since the idea was first conceived, and Sweet Tea Junkie is still going strong, printing amazing tea shirts and of course, consuming lots of sweet tea!


On to the giveaway! I know we all love our sweet tea and I'm willing to bet most of my readers are "sweet tea junkies" like me!

One winner will receive Sweet Tea Junkie's most popular tea shirt - the Welcome to the South tea shirt is perfect for all of my Southern readers!

One winner will receive Sweet Tea Junkie's newest design - the Sweet Tea Script tea shirt has been very popular among buyers and for good reason, it's so cute!

And lastly, one winner will receive their choice of any tea shirt that Sweet Tea Junkie offers! Whoever wins this will be awarded a $21.50 shop credit, which will cover the cost of a shirt and shipping!

I nearly forgot to mention one of the coolest things about these tea shirts! People are given the opportunity to submit their favorite sweet tea recipe, and if it's good, they are printed on the inside of each tea shirt. So you are not only getting a shirt, but you are also getting a tried and true recipe for a delicious beverage!!

There will be a total of 3 winners!

Sweet Tea Junkie is also offering a discount to Sweet Tea Diaries readers of 15% off your purchase. Please use the promo code "sweetteadiaries" during checkout. Y'all, this is such a generous giveaway, and I want to say thank you again to Michael for offering my readers the chance to win such amazing prizes and this discount code.


Here are the rules:

Earn ONE entry by visiting Sweet Tea Junkie, and leaving a comment on this post letting me know your favorite design.

Earn ONE entry by liking Sweet Tea Junkie on Facebook.

Earn ONE entry by signing up to receive the Sweet Tea Junkie email newsletter (which will often contain discounts and special offers on apparel).

Earn FIVE entries by submitting your favorite sweet tea recipe to Sweet Tea Junkie. If you are lucky, it will be chosen to be printed inside a tea shirt, along with your name!

Earn FIVE entries by posting about this giveaway on your own blog and submitting the link with your comment.

Feel free to leave one comment or multiple comments for your entries. I will be entering each entry manually into a spreadsheet to draw the winners.

Enter by midnight on Friday, March 4.


jason said...

favorite shirt is the pheonix. As for a tea recipe, just good old fashioned sweet iced tea!

Anonymous said...

Love the pheonix! Orange tea rocks my world!

Anonymous said...

I SOOOO need this! (I was named for this!) I'm dying for one for myself and Boyfriend, but I think I need to order these in bulk for all of Boyfriend's yankee family members that are coming to visit! I like the Welcome to the South one for him and his family, but I like the swirly script one and the Phoenix one! Also signed up for the newsletter online and liked you on facebook. I'm also going to enter a recipe for Wicked Sweet Tea!!!

aconklin said...

LOVE Sweet Tea Junkie!! Bought shirts as Christmas presents!

Brandi said...

My favorite design is the Welcome to the South. So cute.

Karla said...

1 - liked sweet tea junkie on fb
2- My favorite design is the Knockout! tea!

LOVE my sweet tea with brown sugar!

Princess Aurora said...

I REALLY Like the Bloom Shirt! I work for a tea company and some of my favorite teas are the blooming ones!
I Liked them on Facebook
I Signed up for the Email Newsletter

Mary A. said...

I'm more of a Sweet Tea Diaries junkie. I prefer drinking Coke Zero.

Michele M. percy said...

I love everything about Sweet Tea and Sweet Tea Junkie! My favorite Tea shirt is the bloom tea! Not only does sweet tea taste great but the antioxidants are good for you! I don't need no stinking chemicals!

Cricket said...

what a cute company! i love the phoenix shirt. i subscribed to the email list and posted my fave sweet tea recipe that i got from a friend in college - yum!!!

Chrissy said...

I love sweet tea! As for the shirts the script one is just too darn cute!

ae said...

Love these t-shirts! It was too hard to pick one favorite so it is a tie between the Welcome to the South design and the Circles Tea design!

katie said...

how cute! i'd love one! i love the 8 lines tee

Erica said...

I love the sweet tea script tea shirt!

Erica said...

I liked sweet tea junkie on facebook

Erica said...

I became a fan of sweet tea junkie as well on Facebook

Lifes-A-Blog... said...

Super cute giveaway!
1. I love the 1879 Tea! MY favorite!
2. I "like" Sweet Tea Junkie on FB!
3. I signed up for the newsletter!
4,5,6,7 & 8. I posted about this giveaway on my blog! under the WILW post! (follow please)

thanks for the suppper cute giveaway!
**fingers crossed**

Sweet tea is the best thing on this EARTH! btw!

DSS said...

Do you know, I think my very fave is the "Welcome To The South" T. Because really, you can't say it any better than that :)

1 entry please!

Anonymous said...

I love the phrase "welcome to the south".. its my favorite! ...but Im also lovin the script! My favorite sweet tea is just good old fashioned brewed sweet tea.

BroncoMom said...

Hey Ms Sweet Tea!
Perfectly brilliant idea for a giveaway.
So, I have "liked: STJ on facebook.

BroncoMom said...

For my next entry my favorite design is the Girls version of "Welcome to the South!"