Friday, February 18, 2011

Best of the Week

I come across countless things on the internet that I want to share - whether it be a DIY arts & crafts project, a new dinner recipe (more than likely a dessert, though!), a blog (or post) that inspires me, celebrity gossip, a unique etsy find, and the list goes on and on...I thought I'd highlight things I find throughout the week in one post that will happen every Friday.

Best of the Week
February 14-18, 2011

Brownie Covered Oreos - Yes, please! I saw this on Joy's blog but the recipe comes from Lelan over at Hello, Good Gravy!...doesn't it look to-die-for?! It's the simplest to do - dunk oreos in brownie batter (from a box mix) and bake in cupcake tins. I made these Wednesday night and they were so delicious! And dangerous! I had to take the leftovers to work :)

Lyndsey, over at Yellow Brick Blog posted about Sally Hansen Salon Effects Real Nail Polish Strips (and so did penny lane recently). You can see a tutorial on Amber's Notebook (link here). I am a disaster when it comes to doing my own nails, but I'm eager to give this new method a try this weekend. More detailed instructions and tips can be found here.

I've become slightly enamored with Kate Walsh. I recently started watching Private Practice again, and I just love her! She has a new fragrance called Boyfriend, and it sounds very interesting. I usually don't buy into "celebrity fragrances" but this one has some great reviews already. Kate even did a phone interview with fellow blogger, A Blonde Ambition (read here)!

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I recently decided to turn my blog into a book (well, at least my posts from 2010)! I used the services of Blurb, and it was a relatively easy experience. I was able to edit, format, and make my book exactly how I wanted it. The cost to have it printed was very reasonable as well. I'm excited to have a book featuring my blog posts and I know it's something I will cherish forever.

PS - I used the code "NEWBLURB" for 20% off my order!

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What's on your "best of the week" list?


MLD said...

Kate Walsh is totally my girl crush. I loved her in the Cadillac commercials!

Christen said...

OMG... those brownies look AWESOME!!

Mary A. said...

Lessee. . .best of this week??? The best thing about this week is that the valentine's candy is finally all gone & can't do any more damage!

Muffy said...

What a great idea to turn your blog into a book! I never would have thought of that. That'd be a pretty big book-- I think I had nearly 400 posts last year! HA! Maybe I could do a "best of"?

I won't even TRY those brownie oreos!!!!! They look too good! Have a great weekend.

Jules said...

Great idea! Keep these posts coming.

Brownie covered oreos…OMG. They look so delish and I must try this.

My friend tried those strips before and they totally work. I just need to get them.

Kate Walsh is beautiful and I saw she was doing a live interview on Twitter.

That is so cool that you turned your blog into a book. I would love to do that. Maybe I will one of these days. It would be nice to have it in print.

I’ve been too busy this week to love much. I’ll get back to you next week on that ;) I hope you have a great weekend!

Joanna said...

Those brownie covered oreos are making me hungry! I want to turn my blog into a book too someday:)

Kristina said...

That turning a blog into a book is such a cool idea! Loved it...
Kristina J.

Chloe said...

ahhh blurb is so neat!

Shoshanah said...

I really want to turn my blog into a book too! I keep thinking that eventually...someday... I'm going to do it. Glad to see you were at least motivated enough to make it happen!