Monday, January 10, 2011

Weekend Recap

This past weekend, I had a cupcake order for a luau party!

I spent Saturday preparing, baking, and decorating, and delivered the cupcakes to the party that night. It was such a fun project, and I had a great time adding that aloha flair to everything.

These are pineapple cupcakes with coconut cream cheese frosting. I topped them with toasted coconut and put luau cupcake toppers on them.

The chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting had hula girl toppers and cupcake liners from this kit. They turned out really cute.

As a side note, Paper Style (the company I ordered the kit from) offers free ground shipping, and it is so fast. I ordered on a Friday, and received it on Monday. From GA. To CA. That's fast!

These key lime cupcakes were rolled in crushed graham crackers and I stuck drink umbrellas in them to make it look like a beach! I think these were my favorite decorations!

The party set up was a big deal! They had a bartender station, the catered food section, a Hawaiian band set up, and a place for my cupcakes. In addition to the regular size cupcakes, I also made each of the flavors in miniatures. Here is the final look of my table! C is to thank for making it look so awesome!

Needless to say, Saturday was a busy day. After we delivered the cupcakes, C and I went to a local brewery to watch the final quarter of the Jets/Colts game. I can't stand the Jets! But, hopefully next weekend the Patriots wipe that smirk right off Rex Ryan's face!

On Sunday, C and I watched the rest of Wild Card Weekend, and I made a yummy chili with turkey!

Other than that, it was a very lazy day and the perfect way to end a busy weekend.


The Aly Way said...

beautiful cupcakes! Those pineapple one sound delicious!!!

~ ~

Jules said...

The cupcakes look amazing, especially the chocolate/peanut butter! The beachy cupcake decorations are so cute. The set up looks fantastic and you did a wonderful job.

It sounds like the rest of the weekend was nice too. I was bummed to watch my Eagles get knocked out of the playoffs, but other than that it was a nice weekend.

Your chili sounds really good, especially on this frigid PA morning.

Laur said...

YUM! I want to try those cupcakes! I am hoping to make some chili tonight! Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Your cupcakes ended up looking so great! I love the set up on the table - hope your clients could tell how hard you worked. I'm sure they tasted fantastic, too! :)

Mary A. said...

cupcakes, beer and chili. What a great weekend!

Dollface said...

Ummmm... send me the chili recipe!!

Baily Jones said...

I need that recipe for the KEY LIME ones!
It's my favorite pie, surely it'll be a cupcake fav too!

Preppy 101 said...

Cupcakes look delicious! Great job! And I LOVE chili!! Happy Monday! xoxo

Shoshanah said...

All of your cupcakes are so cute! But I think my favorite is the key lime ones! Both in the way they look and the ones I'd most want to taste

Sara said...

so fun! every weekend is better with cupcakes :-) I am glad I found your blog and am following now- you had my at Sweet Tea :-)

p.s. have you ever heard the Cravin' Melon song? "On the 8th day, God made Sweet Tea...." love!

BroncoMom said...

Your cupcakes looks so yummy!
We had a relaxing weekend too until we went to the grocery store to load up before the snow. Crazy people live in this world......

Pink Martini said...

Your cupcakes looked terrific! Fantastic job! Gotta love the little umbrellas! :) xoxo