Monday, January 17, 2011

Golden Globes 2011 {lots of pretties}

After the devastating loss the Patriots suffered on Sunday afternoon, I wasn't sure I could continue on with my life! It was so terrible! But luckily, the Golden Globes were on and there were lots of pretty actresses in pretty dresses and I felt better.

Some of my favorites:
Dianna Agron in Mendel

Natalie Portman in Viktor & Rolf

Olivia Wilde in Marchesa

Mila Kunis in Vera Wang

Amy Adams in Marchesa

Hailee Steinfield in Prabal Gurung

Some of my least favorites:

Jayma Mays in Alberta Ferretti

January Jones in Versace

Julianne Moore in Lanvin

Anne Hathaway in Giorgio Armani Privé

Jennifer Lopez in ??

And, in addition to being the absolute worst dressed actress at the Golden Globes, Tilda Swinton was also the strangest presenter of the weird!

Tilda Swinton in Jil Sander

I thought Ricky Gervais was absolutely hilarious as host! The Social Network seemed to be the biggest winner of the night, winning best picture, best director, best screenplay, and best original score. All of the winners can be found here.

{pictures via here, here, and here}


PAM said...

I hate that open back dress. I totally missed the Golden Globes.

Sassy In The South said...

The one-shoulder dresses were definitely a huge thing this year as well as emerald green. I could look at posts like this all day - love talking fashion and designer dresses, so thanks for posting!

Just Add Walter said...

I loved January Jone's dress -- she is so stunning she could go naked (and almost did)...haha

Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

Tilda Swinton...SO strange! I definitely agree with your pics, January Jones was ick!

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Oooh, I totally agree with the ones you liked! I loooooved Olivia Wilde! So pretty princess, lol! I loved it!
I agree about January Jones, that was uuugggly! Kudos to her for having the body to wear it, but I thought it was tacky.

Beth McC. said...

LOVE THIS! I did a breakdown too and we agree on a lot of the same ones! I didnt put Julianne Moore on my list but that was bad news!!

Pink Martini said...

January Jones. Ugh. So much potential gone awry. Thanks for your nice cookie comment. :) xoxo

Annabel Manners said...

I actually liked January Jones's dress. It was pretty risque but I thought her demure hair and makeup made it work. Thanks for posting all the fun pics!

Lauren said...

agreed. january jones is so gorgeous, but that dress was an issue. and i agree - oliva wilde looked stunning.

Kate said...

I agree with your least favorites of the night, especially Tilda Swinton!! Why would you ever wear that in public?? And what about Helena Botham Carter?? Crazy!

Jules said...

Thank goodness I’m not the only one that thought Natalie Portman looked pretty. I noticed she was on a lot of the worst dressed lists in blog-land. Olivia Wilde was my pick of the night. She was stunning. I also completely agree with all of the ladies you picked for worst dressed.

I still have see The Social Network.

The Ramblings of a Thirtysomething Wife said...

Ugh, that hot pink dress on Julianne Moore is absolutely awful. She looks proportionate on the one half where there's no dress on her shoulder, but then looks HUGE where the dress is all pouffy on the other shoulder. Not good at all.