Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Jumping on the Fit Train - Week 3

I'm going to try to catch up on the last two weeks' of Biggest Loser today. But first, I have to profess my love for Trainer Bob! He is so cute :)

I think that Bob looks just like South African model, Janez Vermeiren. I only know of this guy because of the show Top Travel on the Wealth Channel (yes, there is a channel for wealthy people) that I started watching recently, partly because of the utter ridiculousness of it and partly because of the travel aspect.

Okay, moving on...

Biggest Loser
I have to be honest and say that I'm not liking the format of the show this season. They have added two additional trainers ("The Unknowns"), and the teams had the choice of going with them or sticking with Bob and Jillian (I'm going to call them "The Originals"). I know it's a competition, but it seems like the show has only been focused on pitting the two teams against each other. Just last week, Allison said that "The Unknowns" DESTROYED "The Originals" and Bob actually called her out on it. It's these types of comments that make contestants feel as if they're not good enough, even though they are losing significant amounts of weight and should be praised, not torn apart!

Another aspect I don't like is that up until last night, they hadn't revealed the new trainers. The show had solely been focused on the teams that were training with Bob and Jillian so we were completely in the dark about who the other teams were, how they were training, what they're like, etc. It felt like we were missing half of a show, like it wasn't complete.

The new trainers were [finally] introduced on last night's episode - Brett Hoebel and Cara Castronuova. They both seem really qualified and dedicated to changing the contestant's lives for the better. I think they're a good addition to the show, but I could have done without all the mystery.


Admittedly, it is difficult to get in the right mindset to make significant changes to your diet and exercise routine. I struggled the first couple of weeks because I'm very good at making excuses to get out of going to the gym or putting together a healthy dinner. However, I feel like I'm finally in the right mindset and I'm no longer going to allow myself to make excuses. The bottom line is that if I want to feel and look better I have to do the work, it doesn't happen overnight!

I have been to the gym four out of the last five nights and I'm really proud of myself [even if I can't lift my arms above my head]. There is a sign hanging up near the weight machines that really motivates me. It says "You always feel better leaving the gym than you did when you walked in." This is so true and I remind myself to remember that amazing feeling I have after a good workout. I feel stronger, better, and healthier so there's no reason to deny myself those feelings, which is essentially what I'm doing every time I make an excuse.

C and I are in "detox" mode so our dinners will be solely chicken and vegetables for at least the next week. Breakfast is oatmeal or yogurt and lunch is going to be light - salad from the grocery store or soup from Subway. I love my afternoon snacks - apple slices or an orange!

How are you doing in your "get healthy and exercise" journey? Please let me know! Every comment I get from all of you really helps to motivate me. It's nice to know I have friends going through the same thing and working toward similar goals.


the rigdons said...

I totally agree about this season of the biggest loser!! it's so annoying that they're making this whole season gameplay! And good for you getting healthy! Love your blog!

Amber said...

I'm doing something active 6 out of the 7 days. I'm in the military, so I have mandatory physical training 3 days a week, but want to do something extra those days too. I renewed my membership at gold's gym and am hitting up a couple classes a week there and am thinking about getting some personal training with my tax refund. I'm doing weight watchers online and really scaling back my carbs. I want to be the best version of me i can be. I'm trying not to be someone else, just a healthy me!

Kate said...

I have been so bad about exercising! I am definitely taking more walks at work though. Also I now have a jogging stroller I can use so I really need to start running, not walking! I *think* we're going to Hawaii this spring so I want to feel happy in my bathing suit!

PS-I had to reset my phone so I don't have your number anymore. Can you send me a text? Thanks!