Sunday, February 15, 2009

Monday Monday

Okay, so it's technically not Monday yet, but I am going to be so busy tomorrow that I won't be online all day...

I thought I'd do a fun little survey!!

Mood: Overwhelmed, but hoping for a good week :)    
____ makes me happy: Knowing that this week is my last business econ class...Yay!
Highlight of my weekend: Spending Valentine's Day with my dbf, staying 95% on plan, and working out after my big V Day dinner
Weekly Goals: Stay on top of my last week of school work, reach my 10% weight loss, finish up my school work so I can hang out with my friends this weekend!

I’m lovin’ it (health related): Lean Pockets
I’m lovin’ it (non-health related): Emily from The Blog Fairy
Quote of the day: Just do it.
Just another manic Monday?: I'll be at a work training seminar ALL day tomorrow, so I hope the day is planned out for me and leaves no room for mania.


On a side note, did anyone notice my new blog header?  So cute, huh?  I won a giveaway for a free header design from Emily of The Blog Fairy and she listened to EVERYTHING I said and came up with the cutest header!  I highly recommend her if you are interested in re-doing your blogs :)

Keep your eyes peeled for a new background on my blog as well.  Emily is working on something cool as we speak (or really, as I write)!

Have a great Monday everyone and I'll see you for my Week 7:  Weigh In Results!

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Sarah said...

I want the blog fairy to help me!

What a great win!