Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I updated! Plus Wishlist Wednesday

I just discovered that I can create a blog post and publish it directly from Word 2007!

I am so excited by this news and picture my posts becoming much more interesting…

Oh and a new edition of Wishlist Wednesday because I haven't done it in awhile:

1. This isn't a material want, but I really, really, really want to make A's in my two classes I've had this term. It's been awful - Business Economics and Managerial Accounting. I have put so much time and effort into group projects, quizzes, homework, online discussions, etc. and I'm still not to the A level yet (B+ in one, B in the other). I'm really going to hate seeing my 4.0 grad school GPA be lowered. I'm over halfway through with my degree and want to keep my 4.0. Oh well, such is life. We'll see how the finals go!

2. I want a new phone with internet capabilities! I already told DBF this want and he said I could get one for my birthday! Only 65 days away (don't think I'm weird because I know that...I have a countdown on my iGoogle that tells me so).

3. I want to go on a cruise to Mexico. Not a long one, just the 2-3 day option. I am so sick of Los Angeles and just want to have a quick getaway. Carnival has some good deals, but I went on a carnival cruise once and it really wasn't that great. Plus I got seasick...a lot! Maybe a cruise isn't such a good idea.

4. I am *obsessed* with the TV show Bones. I want Booth and Brennan to make it official already! It's killing me! All the foreplay and no action. Writers, make it happen already.

5. A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP. I need this so badly! Here's hoping tonight is the night.

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