Monday, February 9, 2009

Another Chance at the Giveaway!

The grand prize winner of my giveaway has failed to contact me in time with her choice of prize.  This means that I am going to award the grand prize to irisdaisy3 (Emily), as she was the second runner up!  Emily has chosen the Yoga Booty Ballet!

But...I also have the magazine subscription to WW to give away as well, so here's the deal.  If you entered my first giveaway and didn't win AND you want the magazine subscription, leave me a comment on this post! Remember, you have to have entered my giveaway the first time a couple of weeks ago!  The first person to leave a comment wins the subscription!

Please email me at immediately, with your address so I can get your subscription ordered ASAP!

Update:  I haven't heard from anyone yet!  There are a lot of people looking though, and I have to assume that at least one is someone who entered the giveaway the first time!  THERE ARE NO STRINGS ATTACHED!  If you want the magazine subscription, just be the first to leave a comment :)


Sarah said...

I so want the subscription!!!

I love that Mag!

Maggie said...

I didn't enter last time, but I just found your blog! It's very cool. I'm in California too (Mountain View) but I'm from NJ originally and it's very different out here. Can't wait to read more!

gaileee said...

Nope, wasn't entered a couple of weeks ago, but here is my try!
yogawithgaileee at gmail dot com

p.s. I'm doing a yoga giveaway on my site
at ends Feb 14th~! Lots of goodies!

amylp85 said...

Hey, I'll take it!