Thursday, June 30, 2011

Will You Accept this Rose? Vol 3

We're halfway there! Ashley has whittled the potential suitors down to 6, and in less than a month we will know the identity of the final man standing (season finale airs on August 1)!

This season has had its ups & downs for me. Sometimes Ashley's complaining and self-sabotage is too much to handle on a Monday night. But like most of America, I keep watching. This week's episode was no different. We all knew the drama that was about to unfold because ABC sucked us in 2 weeks ago, only to let us down by making us wait another week for the dreaded return of Bentley.

Was it worth it? Not in my opinion. Here are the fatal flaws I saw in the Bentley/Ashley reunion:
  1. Ashley's immediate desire to wrap her arms around Bentley and forcing that kiss. I bet she feels stupid now.
  2. Both Ashley and Bentley's ability to say a lot of words without really saying anything at all.
  3. The fact that Ashley actually thought Bentley returned because of her and not because the producers begged him to come back. I'm no genius, but I'm thinking he wanted a free vacation?!
  4. Her after the meeting interview...there is no way that she went from still wanting to be with Bentley to seeing him to absolutely hating his guts and dropping the F-bomb 20 times. That was obviously filmed after the fact, and I'm thinking the producers realized how much America can't stand Ashley and they wanted to try to redeem her likability to the audience.
Thoughts on the return of Bentley?

I will say that I'm happy that the gloomy fog the show has been under since Bentley's departure has finally been lifted. Ashley does seem much happier and it appears that she is willing to give the guys a chance now. Unfortunately for Ashley, she still spent the majority of the episode talking about the "Bentley situation" so it still seemed like she wasn't really over it.

This post is long enough already so I'm not going to recap the show, but I will tell you my ranking of the guys after this week's episode.

#6 - Ryan P.
I really can't stand this guy! I hope that he does not become the next Bachelor.

#5 - Lucas
Bottom line is that he and Ashley have nothing in common. He seems nice enough, but he really lost his temper after hearing Ashley's confession at the cocktail party. I can't quite put my finger on it, but there is something off about him.

#4 - Constantine
I think it's pretty clear that he's unsure of how he feels for Ashley (which is completely normal considering he's known the girl for like 10 days). I appreciate the fact that he isn't trying to make something of nothing or leading her on in any way.

#3 - Ames
I really do like this guy. He is pretty tall, huh? It doesn't seem like he would be. I still don't think he and Ashley are a perfect match, but overall he's interesting, funny, and sincere.

#2 - Ben
I can't tell Ben & Constantine apart. Wasn't it funny when they were on the dragon boat team together? I think they've got a little bromance going on :) But anyway, he's cute and I think most people hate his style, but I kinda like it. As for Ashley, if anyone were to beat J.P., I'd give it to Ben.

#1 - J.P.
I would bet my bellbottoms that J.P. is the final man standing. There are some things you just can't edit, and one of those would be the very real connection he has with Ashley. In my opinion, he is light years ahead of the other contenders. Any time she talks about J.P., it's like how a normal person would talk about their significant he hung the moon. And they are so much more affectionate than she is with anyone else. Like they can't keep their hands off each other!

Hello, handsome!


Next week is a rerun, but on July 11 we'll be treated to an exclusive interview with Emily Maynard. She and Brad finally confirmed that they have broken up. Duh.

Now, let me know your thoughts! (Laur - I'm talking to you!)


Laur said...

AHHH! I'm so excited for this post!!! I've waited THREE days!!! Hahaha…and then get to the bottom…you MADE my day! I cant stop laughing.

OK, my thoughts…(and I'm going to have to start taking notes to remind myself what I wanted to tell you!)

Bentley…OMG. What a mess. However, I disagree with you here a little. I think she was dropping F bombs for real b/c she was upset…she really liked him. But what I think is craziness is how she's like, "OK, I'm done with him and really liking these other guys." I mean how do you go from being so into one guy and then in 2 seconds you can be really liking another guy. I'd have to agree with Mickey or Blake or whatever his name is that I would feel like second choice, so peace out, girl scout!

Couldnt agree with you more on J.P. I really like him and see the connection there. At least, I see he really is into her and all about it. She, well, sometimes I felt she was forcing herself to find someone now that Bentley is donskey!

PS…I really like Ames..I'm going to find him if he doesnt make it! HAHA!

I'm so glad you told me next week is a rerun…i would have been sitting here waiting!

Already looking forward to your post in 2 weeks!!!

Thanks for making my day!!! XOXOXO

Dollface said...

So glad someone is blogging about Ashley. Why doesnt she shutup about Bentley? he is so rude. I think the other guys are not even cute. And dont get me wrong, she is OK... but not as pretty at the past bachelorettes..... also, JP is my thought as well!!! xxxoo

Shoshanah said...

This season has just been so boring. I'm still watching, but kind of wish it was over and Bachelor Pad was on already! Ha!
I do like J.P. and really can't see her with anyone else. So hopefully that is what happened, and he's behind the scenes with her now, trying to make her feel better since she looks like such an idiot on tv.

And I'm kind of sad about Brad & Emily. I thought they were so cute together, and really wanted them to work. I'm still hoping they'll get back together!

Krista said...

I agree 100% with your opinions of the guys, but I think I'd put Ames above Ben. I really, really like Ames! I don't think he's right for her, but I just love him! JP is just plain hot, and I think she'll end up with him, although the previews made it look like she may send him home and then regret her decision. I'm sure that's just an editing thing to keep us all on the edge (since it isn't the most exciting season).

I am glad Mickey left, for his own sake. I liked him, although we didn't know much about him. I really liked his honesty in the end.

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starnes family said...

JP is darling and he definitely has my vote.

Agree with your thoughts on the Bentley situation. And, I can't believe he's a Mormon! I've never met one I didn't like and he would be it!