Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wednesday Randoms

Happy Wednesday!

Get ready for a brain dump!

  • Wow, I am so totally and completely annoyed by Ashley on The Bachelorette! At first I felt sorry for her, and felt the producers used her feelings and emotions to create drama (which they totally did). However, now I realize that Ashley is too immature and self-sabotaging to be on this show. Her constant whining over Bentley is unbearable to watch and I found myself wishing the show would end so she'd stop embarrassing herself. My favorites still include Ben F., J.P., and Ames. Honestly, I don't feel like she is connecting with the other remaining guys: Lucas, Mickey, Blake, Ryan P., and Constantine. I feel that many of these guys are too good for her and she has a lot of growing up to do before she can truly be happy and make someone else happy. Hopefully next week's episode is the last we see of Bentley and she can begin to move forward.
  • I love exploring Target on my lunch break. I usually leave empty handed (which is a good thing!), but on my recent trip there I found a cute dress on that I couldn't pass up. I don't normally do orange, but I liked the pattern on the fabric and felt it lessened the orange color enough for me to like. The best part is that it was on the clearance rack for $12 (still full price on the website)!

  • I reached 500 miles on my bike in 6 weeks (and 2 days)! I never thought I'd be able to make that kind of progress in such a short amount of time.
  • I also now have 800 followers! I try to visit everyone that follows me, but sometimes there isn't a blog link attached to the profile. If you are a new follower, I'd love to hear from you in the comments and if you want to share a link to your blog, I'll be sure to come by, visit, and follow you as well!
  • Do any of you watch The Killing? I think it's an excellent show and have high hopes for Season 2. I was disappointed that we didn't find out who killed Rosie, but the writers promise that we'll find out in Season 2.
  • C & I went to see Super 8 last weekend. I thought it was pretty good, and I was mostly impressed by the kids, especially Joel Courtney and Elle Fanning.

I'm ready for a vacation! Luckily the weekend is right around the corner. I hope everyone is having a fabulous week so far!


Keri said...

I share your feeling on The Bachelorette. Part of me wanted to change the channel b/c her whining is starting to get annoying but yet I can't stop watching. I can't wait til Monday's episode.

Congrats on your bike mileage! How awesome.

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I'm a fairly new follower. I'm so impressed with your bike mileage...maybe one day I will live somewhere that is bike friendly!

DSS said...

500 miles! Yay :) Love the little tracker at the top of your blog.

Let's talk about The Killing. Somehow I missed this show when it started, and I didn't want to start in the middle. I've heard lots of good stuff. Guess I need to wait for Season 1 on DVD to get myself caught up? Hmmm...

Muffy said...

Ooh, is this a new look for the blog? I like it! 500 miles is SUCH an accomplishment!!!! Congrats to you!

Jen said...

Ashley is driving me BONKERS!!! It is really so sad to watch because when she watches all these episodes when it is over, she is going to be mortified. And can ANY of these guys find a serious connection with her when she is obsessing over some random jerk of a guy?? If I was any of those guys...I would totally bail. They really picked the wrong girl this season :-(

Can't Help but Wonder said...

I have been on the fence with Super 8 .... but the previews have left so many questions about what is on that train and happening to the town that I think I may see the movie since to find out!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Yeah Ashley needs to get over Bentley, it just not OK what she's doing. Although it's entertaining to watch him be such a jerk to her lol!

Cute dress! Congrats on the mile mark - and the follower count!

I want to see Super 8, I'm going to wait for DVD though.

The Killing is set on my DVR but I think I missed the first episode somehow :(

I think I covered everything hehe :)

Glitterista said...

You make me want a bike even more! 500 miles is amazing. I agree wholeheartedly on both the Bachelorette and Killing. I was quite frustrated they didn't reveal the killer, but I guess it can just continue the suspense? ;)

Kristy said...

Hello :)

I just subscribed to your blog via RSS feed because google reader suggested your blog to me and I enjoyed reading your posts, especially since I saw you were blogging about this seasons bachelorette. So I just wanted to drop by and say Hi, I'm Kristy.

Also, I haven't watched this weeks episode of the bachelorette, but I also like Ben F, Ames and JP. I also adore Ben C.

Kate said...

-500 miles? You are awesome!

-I haven't seen Super 8 but I want to! Glad to know you liked it!

Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

Love that orange dress, what a great target find! You keep pedaling girl! That's awesome that you are already at 500 miles!!