Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Leighton's Concert

I thought Leighton was a pretty good singer! I wasn't sure what to expect because she's dabbled in pop, and more recently in country music so her style was a mystery. She came out last night wearing a white maxi-skirt with a pinkish-beige top. Her hair was kinda wavy and longish and she had bangs. She seemed much taller than I imagined her being and very thin.

She was so gracious and I don't think that was an act. I think she was really humbled and surprised that so many people would come to see her perform. She was giggly and excited and kept thanking her fans. She played with the band Check in the Dark (who also opened the show). She also played the guitar on a couple of her songs.

We started out standing downstairs for the opening act, but decided to try to see if there was any space in the upstairs loft. Luckily there was a spot right near the railing so we were able to see Leighton pretty well during her performance! We were also less than 10 feet away from Michelle T*rachtenberg and I'm 99.9999% sure that Aly M*ichalka was sitting with Michelle as well, but there hasn't been any confirmation that she was there last night.

I'm still going to share my pictures from the concert, but they're really not very good. You can see better ones from the professionals here and here. Some videos have been uploaded here as well.


Mary A. said...

Sounds like FUN!

Gwen said...

How much fun! I'm not sure I've ever heard her sing but now I'll haveto check it out. :)

little miss southern love. said...

Loving that you went and saw her! I have had 'Summer Girl' practically on repeat all summer long!