Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Will You Accept this Rose? Vol 2

I'm sorry for those of you that don't watch the show and will be bored by this post! Please feel free to skip it and come back another day.

As sad as this may seem (and believe me, I'm slightly embarrassed to be admitting this), C & I are addicted to The Bachelorette. I know I've talked about the show a couple of times on here, but I'm holding back so much! I know that many of you don't watch or think it's stupid and scripted, which it probably is, but that doesn't keep us from tuning in every Monday. We were practically in tears after the last episode because it will be a whole week until the next one! (I actually think C may be more into the show than I am!)

Of course this week, everyone is focused on how William made Ashley cry and how Bentley is...well, Bentley. But really, let's think about this...

Ashley knew what she was getting into by agreeing to do a roast. I think it's a horrible idea from the very beginning! She couldn't honestly expect everyone to be nice at a roast, right?! You have to be pretty confident and able to make fun of yourself if you agree to do something like this, and once again, Ashley has proven that she has low self-esteem and she made it such a bigger deal than it should have been. Yes, William's jokes weren't necessarily funny, but I don't think he stepped out of line at all. It would only make sense to hit upon the fact that there were other potential bachelorette candidates out there, Ashley would have to be stupid to not think so.

As for Bentley, I don't want to give him more credit than he deserves. He's a douchebag, plain and simple. But Ashley isn't an innocent victim. She was aware of the possibility that he was there for other reasons, but she kept him around. I understand giving someone the benefit of the doubt, but her desperation every time Bentley came around was pathetic. I can't see how she couldn't read his body language when she was hanging all over him. HE'S JUST NOT INTO YOU and I really think she knew all along, but was lying to herself. I do feel badly for her, but it could have been a lot worse! She knew him all of a couple weeks and hadn't even had an individual date with him.

I was upset that the dynamic of the show changed so quickly once Bentley left. It's just so sad to see Ashley crying over a guy that could care less about her and in turn, making all the other guys that are left feel like second best. I know that if I were the guy that gets the final rose, I would definitely have some problems watching the show now and some doubts would start creeping in. Ashley's borderline obsession with Bentley really is impossible to understand.

Now, for my regular thoughts on this week's episode:
  • There was nothing memorable about Ben C. and his date with Ashley. There doesn't seem to be a lot of chemistry there.
  • Roasting a bachelorette has to be the worst idea ever. It was terrible! I was cringing the whole time and wishing that it would be over.
  • William running away from Ashley after the roast was so childish and immature. Just reinforces the fact that he is a kid in adult form.
  • It may have seemed like J.P.'s date with Ashley was ruined because she was so upset about Bentley leaving, but I think it turned out to be a good thing. Their date was so real and Ashley really opened up to J.P. It wasn't like they had Bellagio fountains or a private concert to focus on, it was really all about the two of them. It was very much like a normal couple's night in.
  • I loved Ben F.'s bowtie! And doesn't it look like he and Constantine could be brothers?

Like I said, C is also obsessed with the show, and today he sent me his bachelorette look-a-likes and I thought it was funny so I had to share!

(C named Bentley "Satan")

Thoughts on this week's episode??


Laur said...

Hahah…I love this post. So much to say. 1. I think William is ADORABLE! However, his run away was SO annoying! Bentley…like Kelly Rippa said, looks like the brawney paper towel guy! I completely agree that any guy who gets the final rose and sees this could/should be concerned. I'm just not a fan of hers though. Where oh where is that William though?! I could just stare at him! Hahah!

Laura said...

Another look alike you missed.. JP looks SO much like Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I see it every time I look at him!!

Also, loved the thoughts on the bachelorette. I, too, am ashamed to admit I watch... check out my recap on my blog!

Annabel Manners said...

OK, those lookalikes are HILARIOUS! Great post! :)

Shoshanah said...

Bentley was awful! And I feel like they made Ashley look like such an idiot by how it all went down. I just feel a little bad knowing what's its like for her watching this, and if ABC gave her advance warning or if she's just finding out know like we are.