Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mother's Day Deal!

I normally don't do too many posts like this, but I came across this great deal and knew I had to share!

With the growing popularity of sites like Groupon and Living Social, I find it hard to pay full price for anything anymore. Add another coupon site to the list: Mamapedia. I think most of the deals on this site are mommy-related, but currently there is a national deal that anyone will enjoy!

Mother's Day is this Sunday. If you're like me and don't live close enough to take your Mom out for dinner, then sending flowers is the next best thing.

What Mom doesn't love to receive a bouquet of fresh, beautiful flowers? With today's Mamapedia national deal, you can take advantage of saving money and sending Mom the perfect gift to show her how special she is! By clicking the link, you will get $30 worth of flowers from ProFlowers for $15!! After purchasing, you will receive a unique code to enter when making your purchase at ProFlowers. It can even be used towards shipping!

Still not convinced?

The first 1,000 new buyers can enter coupon code MOMFLOWERS to get an additional 10% off this deal (enter code on the checkout page AT Mamapedia - look closely, it can be easy to miss where to put it - there will be a box you can check that says something like "apply coupon code" and a place to enter the code right beside it). This means $30 worth of flowers for only $13.50!




What are you waiting for? This great deal ends soon so get it while you can. I've already purchased mine, and am now no longer stressing about what to do for Mom this Mother's Day!

ETA - you don't have to use this for Mother's Day. The coupon code will expire June 30. If you do want to use it for Mother's Day, just place your order by 1 pm EST on May 7 (but the longer you wait, the more you will pay in shipping fees).

ETA - You can't use your Ebates account for additional cash back on this order. Sorry about that, I didn't realize it until after I posted.


penny lane said...

ooh i love the stargazer bouquet. lilies smell sooooo good!!

thanks for the birthday love, a! i hope you have a great cinco de mayo!

Phoenix said...

Great idea - I have "two moms" in that my mom and my aunt are identical twins and sort of raised me together after my parent's divorce, so I always end up spending a lot on Mother's Day. This will definitely help - thanks :)