Friday, May 20, 2011

late friday post.

My favorite magazine has to be People Style Watch! It's the one magazine that always manages to find it's way into my cart at the checkout line.

A few of my favorite items in the June issue (sorry for the pictures of pictures...):

I love this Old Navy ad. It just looks so fun & happy.
As much as I like to dream about designer clothes, the reality
is that ON is a great place to get more bang for your buck!
Unfortunately, none of the things in the ad are on the actual website yet!

From L-R: Striped Tube Dress ($34.94);
Chiffon Ruffle-trim Top ($24.94);
Ikat-print Skirt ($32.94)

This ad for Essie's summer line just screams fun in the sun!
I'm seeing a lot of orange this summer, which has me a little
worried because it's a terrible color for me!

I might have to try it on my nails though,
Surprisingly, I'm drawn to the braziliant color.

Lilly got some love in this issue too!


and here:

(FYI - Style Watch is giving away 5 pairs of these LP sunglasses!
Click here to enter - no purchase necessary!!)

After reading the latest Style Watch issue I am definitely ready for summer! What are you most looking forward to? I think for me it's sundresses, pedicures, and beach/pool time! I could do without the scorching temperatures that are sure to hit us come June, but the other things make it worth the sweating (I mean glistening because we ladies don't sweat, right?!). Have a great weekend!


Leslie Ann said...

I love this magazine! I picked up this issue yesterday and love so many things in it. :) I love, love, love the lilly dress. I also loved the pieces from the old navy ad, but when I went to my old navy, they didn't any of them! I did end up finding a lot though :) Great post!!

Dixie Bell Designs said...

I really like orange, but hate wearing it! I think it looks so bad on me. So I try to paint my tails orange and buy orange accessories like beach towels so I can get a little orange fix!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Oooh I love that ruffle top!

Jules said...

People StyleWatch is my favorite too and I should get a subscription already because I always buy it at the grocery store. That Old Navy ad is so summery and I need that tube dress. I also love the new bright colors in Essie’s summer collection. I’ve never really tried orange as a mani or pedi color, but think I’ll take the plunge this summer. That Lilly dress is also beautiful.

I’m looking forward to flip flops, pool time and hopefully a weekend at the beach or trip to Six Flags.

Mary A. said...

Orange is my very favorite color. Especially on my toes.

I LOVE the Lily dress. cuuute! I also love tortoise frames -- because I am a *ahem* redhead, black frames are always too harsh on me, so I am a faux tortoise fiend.