Thursday, October 28, 2010

pumpkin carving

One night after work, C and I decided to hit the pumpkin patch! It turned out to be a big bust, as there really wasn't much to do there and the pumpkins themselves were super expensive.

Instead, we picked up our pumpkins at the local Trader Joe's, where they were going for $2.99 each. Oh, how I love that store and I'm not sure how I ever lived without it!

After deciding which patterns to use, we got to work. It was dead silent as we each were sawing away at our little pumpkin designs, determined not to screw it up. Nearly 2 hours later, and we were finished!

Last step was to add a candle to each, and watch them come to life!!

[all pictures courtesy of our camera phone]

And just to clarify, I did the spider web, while C is completely responsible for the howling wolf :)


Mary A. said...

Wow. We have about 30 pumkins on the porch covered in stickers. Plus one that we "carved". There are NO photos of it, and probably never will be. Because it may just be the fugliest punkin in the world.

Anonymous said...

Love the spider web! Good work my friend.

Moonlight Serenade said...

Those are so cool! I've always attempted to do cool carvings but I always mess it up somehow :(

Brown Girl said...

They turned out fabulous! Great job!