Thursday, August 5, 2010

it's thursday!

  • Only 21 days until vacation! That's 3 weeks, people! So excited I can hardly stand it :) You can keep guessing where I'm going up until I leave! I can't wait to go souvenir shopping for the winner!!
  • Yesterday, my Mom called me because she was out shopping with her BFF. She discovered Anthropologie for the first time, and asked me if we had it in California. Of course we do Mom, but it's waaaay to expensive for my budget! She proceeded to shop for me and send me multiple picture texts [which by the way, I didn't even know she knew how to do that...apparently the Anthro sales associate helped her!] asking me what I wanted. So she got me this dress, this skirt, several tops, another skirt and a cardigan that are not on the Anthro website!! I'm so excited and love my Mom sooooo much for treating me with new clothes! I will post pictures when I get the items!
  • The previous completely made up for me missing out on everything on the Rue La La Lilly Pulitzer sale. I get so frustrated with Rue La La because even if you add something to your cart and try to check out a few minutes later, that item is gone! What's the point of a private sale if you don't even have time to purchase something before it's sold out??! It wasn't until later today that I found out about the Quick! Buy It! feature so next time, I'll be prepared!
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the sweet comments on this post. It makes me feel so much better to know that many of you ask yourself the what if? questions after a decision. I was probably just being super dramatic when I wrote that, but it feels good to know that I can write anything on here and will be supported, no matter what. So thank you again, sweet friends!
  • Oh, another big thank you for the compliments on my cupcake cookies! I promise that they are super easy to do and if I can do it, anyone can. I will think about doing a tutorial soon, but I am no expert! Everything I learned, I got from Pink Martinis and Pearls. She has great explanations and tips that are so helpful.
  • The winner of the cupcake giveaway is entry #3 - Lucky in Love! Congrats! Jenny, I know you are doing the 3-Day Susan G. Komen walk so just get me your shipping information when you can!
  • Lastly, I have sad news. Our work has placed new restrictions on employee internet usage so many of your blogs have been blocked. I can still read all of your blogs in Google Reader, but I can't always access your blog to comment on a post. I'm so sorry about this and want everyone to know that I AM reading, but I am not always able to comment :(
Sorry there are no pictures for this post! I looked and looked for one of me and my Mom, but I have none on my computer...I will have to remember to take tons when we are on vacation together in 3 weeks. Oh, did I mention that already?? ;)

Have a great Thursday!!


flip flops and pearls said...

WHAT! What are your bosses thinking! LOL

I dl'ed google reader into my iPhone yesterday and that I had it all figured out. Since you can't sit in front of PC all day you can read in transit...well, you can't comment from it! grrrr

I hope that you have a fantastic trip wherever you may go. I would be happy staying in a hotel around the corner if it meant room service, maid service and a pool:)


Aly said...

Love your new outfits from your mamma! I have no idea where you might be going but I hope you have fun wherever it may be!

KatiePerk said...

Hooray for new clothes & vacation!

Politics and Pearls said...

Yay Anthro!!

Brandi said...

They did the same thing at my work I only have one hour a day to get on blogs/blogger. I hate it. I don't get to comment on blogs as much as I would like to anymore.

Danielle said...

I missed those cookies. They are AMAZING. Seriously...when you're all famous and are voted THE best cookie baker/decorator in the world, don't forget me, ok?

You are so SO talented.

Now email me and tell me where you're going on vacation. I can't wait to know. Promise I won't tell anyone!

Shoshanah said...

Your office still has less restrictions than we do. I can't even login to gmail, let alone my actual reader. But its probably a good thing, because who knows how I would get work done otherwise!

Krista said...

I love the commentary about your mom at Anthro! I was at Balboa Park yesterday and helped an older man photo text his daughter. I wonder if she's blogging about it?!!

Shelli @ Style Ingenuity said...


I have been a longtime fan, being a preppy Asian myself. I even have you listed as one of my top blogs to visit on my business etiquette blog homepage. Following you now through Google Connect.

Stop by sometime and visit my blogs for fashion, beauty and etiquette tips and for business etiquette tips.

- Shelli :)

Katie said...

Yay yay yay for your upcoming vacation. I am a little behind in my blog reading so I need to go down and read some of these other posts you are referencing. Cupcakes cookies??? Sounds amazing. I need to make them asap!!!

Jules said...

You must be getting so excited for vacation and I don’t blame you!

That was so sweet of your mom to buy you those pretty things at Anthropologie. The dress and skirt are both lovely. That is so cute she sent a picture text ;)

I get really frustrated with Rue La La too and need to look into the Quick! Buy It! Feature.

mrsj said...

Rue La la is the best, but also the worst! I have had to stop looking at it daily so I wont buy anything!