Monday, April 6, 2009

Excuse my Tardiness

Enter my Birthday Giveaway #2 here.

Now on to the important things!

One of my very favorite bloggers, Jules from Chic & Pink
awarded me with the Sisterhood Award last week! I am so sorry to be behind in posting this lovely accolade. I absolutely adore Jules and her blog - please visit her if you haven't already! You won't be disappointed!

Sister is another word for friend.
Sisters are blossoms in the garden of life.
Sisters are forever!

I would like to pass this award on to the following bloggers and if you have already received this award, then you must think of yourself as extra special!
  1. Lola Cupcake from Polka Dots and Cupcakes - this girl is a great blogger, she has the best little posts! And she is hosting her first ever giveaway! Go, follow, won't be sorry!
  2. LuLu from Life with LuLu and Pete - fun blogger looking to add more followers! For every 25 additional followers that sign up, she is going to host a giveaway!!!! We all love those so go visit her blog and sign up to follow! And please tell her Sweet Tea Diaries sent you so I can get some extra giveaway entries :)
  3. Lou Lou from Lou Lou in Lilly - one of my favorites! She should be one of your favorites too!
  4. Kristen from Kristen's Palace - such a sweet blogger! Go congratulate her on her new job that started this week!
  5. Her Preppiness at Preppy 50 and Loving Lilly - this blogger has the best updates on preppy shopping finds and such!
  6. Erin from The Prep-E Girl - one of the very first blogs I ever read!!! If you're not reading her yet, you should be!
I'm not sure how many bloggers I am supposed to award so I'll stop at six! Thanks to the above ladies for being my bloggy friends! Now go and share the love ♥


And I forgot to include one other blog that I absolutely 7 is my lucky number so I have to have to award 7 ladies, not 6!!!!

Chloe from Cardigans and Clogs - one of my very favorite ladies out there in the blog world and she is currently hosting a giveaway too! You must go and check her out! How I could have forgotten her...I'll never know! I blame it on it being a Monday :)


Chloe said...

Congrats on your award! I can't wait to check out so new blogs now!

Lou Lou said...

Aw thanks so much for the award!

Anonymous said...

This award is VERY fitting!

Jules said...

You totally deserve this award and thank you for the kind words. You're so sweet and I'm lucky to have you as my bloggy friend :)

Chloe said...

eek! Thank you!