Friday, February 3, 2012

Go Patriots!!

So on Sunday, my very favorite football team (besides the Dolphins) is the Super Bowl! Wow.

I've had it up to here with all the trash talk (ahem, NY Giants...stop talking!), all of the analyzing, and all of the what if's. It's now up to two very good teams to play their best football on the world's biggest stage!

I'm copying Giselle and sending "good thoughts" to Tom Brady and the entire Patriots team and coaching staff. (I found this NY Post article to be quite rude & way off base, by the way. Regardless of how you feel about either team, this was a cheap shot.)

So here is my open letter to Tommy:

Since the beginning of the season, I have said that this was your year to have another chance at the Super Bowl. I wanted to go the entire season undefeated, but those hopes were dashed when Buffalo capitalized off of 4 very uncharacteristic turnovers by you and other team members. From that point on, I kept repeating that the defending champions lost 6 regular season games and still made it to the Super Bowl. At some point in the season, I came up with my "12" Theory. I have watched every single game, often while biting my nails and wondering how you could get 21+ points in the hole. But you always somehow turned it around and ended the season 13-3 and winners of the AFC East.

Tom Brady

Wes Welker

Aaron Hernandez

BJGE has never fumbled a ball in his entire NFL career!
You blew Denver out of the water in the playoffs, officially squelching anymore Tim Tebow talk (the entire world thanks you for that, by the way). The Baltimore game was much tougher, but with a defense that finally started making some plays, you were able to walk away the winner of the AFC. And now, here you are. This is your chance to shine once again. You are already deserving of the Hall of Fame, and you now have a chance to tie your childhood idol, Joe Montana, with 4 Super Bowl victories.


Ocho - today is your day to shine!
It won't be easy. In fact, it will most likely be your toughest game yet. The Giants are a great football team that have only gotten stronger over the last half of the regular season and throughout the playoffs. They steamrolled the Packers, conquered the 49ers with a game-winning field goal in overtime, and now want to finish it off by beating YOU. Don't let that happen! I'm sure you've heard all of the media give their opinion about how you won't be able to stand up to the pass rush, how you are just a "pretty boy" who is overrated, how our defense can't stop attacks in the secondary, how Eli will surpass you if he wins (totally not true in my opinion)...etc, etc, etc...don't let it get in your head!!

Vince - please get another interception!!

Sterling Moore - complete every play!

Defense - do your job!
The Patriots may be favored (for reasons unknown to me!), but it's vital that you play like the underdog. You are the one that has something to prove! Don't let the Giants pass rush get you off your game. Find your target, aim, and fire. The receivers will do the rest. You've got a fine bunch of weapons to work with - Aaron Hernandez, Wes Welker, Deion Branch, and Rob Gronkowski, who at 50% will still play better than some tight ends at 100%. Who knows, Chad Ochocinco might even come through for you (fingers crossed)!

Devin McCourty - no pass interference calls, please!

Patrick Chung - so good to have you healthy again!

Julian Edelman - BB must believe in your skills to play all
sides of the ball! Please don't let us down and don't let the Giants
offense exploit you!!!
And please for the love of God, don't throw any interceptions!

I really am sending positive thoughts your way as you prepare for the biggest game of your season. I believe that you and the rest of the Patriots deserve this win. You have the finest organization in the NFL, with classy players, coaches, and an owner with a heart of gold. Mr. Kraft may have lost his sweetheart last year, but I think she is very much alive in the hearts of the entire team. This season has been dedicated to her and the ultimate gift would be the title of World Champion.

Like Nike says, JUST DO IT.

I can't include every single Patriot that will play, but I am really hoping all of them get the good vibes I'm sending their way! I know that 99.5% of you will think this post is the dumbest thing ever, but I don't care! They deserve this win!!

PS - I think Sports Illustrated is trying to curse the Patriots with back to back covers of Tom Brady then Robert Kraft...would it be weird if I told you I bought both of those magazines and burned them? Yeah, TMI...gotta get rid of the bad juju!!

PPS - Don't worry, football season is almost over so I won't  be subjecting you to posts like this for much longer!


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Lets Go Pats!!!!

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I think this post is super cute...and I think my hubby would have the hots for you. He is such a football man and would LOVE it if I understood the game. At all. Ha! Good luck to your boys this weekend! Hope they win!

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You lost me at football.