Monday, January 23, 2012

Catching Up!

  • I know I still owe you guys a recap on my trip to Disney World. I have the post written and all of the pictures added, but I am determined to include a homemade video as well. I've put it together, but I still need to add background music. As soon as I do that it will be ready to share.
  • The Pats are going back to the Super Bowl! Sunday's game was the biggest test of the season, and while not perfect, they made enough plays to make it to the end. I have a theory - Tom Brady is in his 12th season, Bill Belichick is also in his 12th season as head coach of the Patriots, Tom wears #12, and the year is 2012.That's too many 12's to be a coincidence! It feels like it's meant to be Tom's year...
  • While we were in Key West, we ate dinner at Santiago's Bodega. One of our favorite tapas we had were the stuffed dates. I found a copycat recipe and made them over the weekend. These are a great appetizer that you can make ahead and serve room temperature.
  • Did you hear that Picnik is closing? This site has been one of my favorites to edit photos and create collages for my blog. I'm really sad that it's shutting down, but everyone will have access to regular & premium features until April 19.
  • C & I recently went to the movies and saw Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol and Haywire. I really liked both. MI was full of loud action and suspense and Haywire was more subtle but still thrilling. I think it took a few minutes to get used to the style of Haywire because it really didn't feel like an action film; it was a lot of silent moments and there wasn't added audio to the fight scenes so it felt really real. 
  • I recently signed up for MyGlam. This is a pretty new company, started by a YouTube beauty vlogger, that sends a bag of 4 to 5 deluxe size (and some full size) beauty samples to you for $10 a month. I think that they are still working out some shipping issues as I was one of many that received a bag pretty late (they are supposed to be shipped by the 10th of the month). Overall I'd say that their email notifications about such delays were sufficient and I will continue to try the service for the next couple of months. I don't really consider myself that into "beauty & makeup" but I do like trying new things. Most of the products I use are sold at the drugstore so it's nice to have samples of higher-end products to try out.
  • I received the following products in my January bag: a full size Freeman cucumber facial peel-off masque ($8), a 2 oz. sample of Wen cleansing conditioner ($36 for full size), a full size Sheer Cover duo concealer ($29), and a full size theBalm Shady Lady eyeshadow ($16). I was pleased with the products considering I only paid $10.
  • Speaking of makeup and such, I recently discovered an awesome YouTube vlogger that I just love! Jen has great tutorials on how to apply eye makeup to monolidders like me! I tried out a couple of her looks over the weekend, and was actually surprised to see that I liked the effect that eyeshadow and liner have on opening up my eyes and making them appear larger. I'll never be a beauty expert, but it has been fun experimenting with new looks. She also does reviews of all sorts of products, many coming from the drugstore.

I'm sorry that I've been absent from my blog for so long. Getting back into the swing of things after a long vacation is hard to do. I still haven't completely unpacked from my trip...which is really embarrassing to admit, and I need to do it already! And work has been very busy for me since I've returned. It seems my assignments are never-ending. But I'm not complaining, just apologizing for being MIA this month!

Next up, I promise to post my Disney World recap, with video!!!


Sweet Simplicity said...

Your trip to the Keys and this month's issue of Southern Living is making me want to go there real bad!

Jules said...

I'm looking forward to your Disney recap! Take your time as I completely understand how hard it can be getting back into the swing of things after a big trip.

I hope the Pats win the Super Bowl, because I can't stand the Giants...haha!

The My Glam box looks great and I think it's exciting that they're working wih some of the bigger gurus on YouTube. I swear some of those girls are the reason I got more into makeup and got better at applying my shadows :)

Short, Sweet, and Petite said...

Yes! I also firmly believe in the "12" theory and I CANNOT wait until Super Bowl Sunday to see us take the Lombardi trophy HOME where it belongs! :) Can't wait to read your Disney World post so I can try to relive my memories there too. Happy Monday!

Tamara Nicole said...

Jealous, I so need to travel asap!

Stephanie said...

That sounds like a neat site! I love beauty products, but I so cannot afford to buy them! $10 seems like a great deal for all you got! But my face is pretty any kind of face stuff would be a waste for me.

Dollface said...

Looking forward to your disney post!!! any suggestions for a good facial mask?? xo

Glitterista said...

Bacon wrapped dates are one of my favorite appetizers for entertaining. I love them! :)

xoxo-Kristen said...

so glad to be back reading your blog! i loved it ;)

Shoshanah said...

One of my favorite appetizers to make is dates stuffed with parmesan wrapped with bacon. They're the perfect mix of sweet & spicy, and crispy and gooey, and well basically everything! Ha!