Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's Thoughts

The 5K I signed up for is in 28 days! I have been training for 2 weeks, but I will only be able to complete 6 weeks of the 10 week Couch to 5K program. I'm pretty sure I haven't given myself ample time to prepare and will probably have to walk some of the course. I guess we'll see how it goes on race day, but whatever happens, I know that I should/will be proud of getting out there in the first place. Thanks to everyone who has given me advice/encouragement! It's been really helpful & much appreciated!

Halloween is almost here! I think I know what I will be dressing up as (cheap & easy...the costume, not me!) so I'll have to get everything together this weekend. I also want to bring in a couple of baked treats for my co-workers, but I'm not going to go all out like last year. These cupcakes are really cute!

As you all know, I'm a huge fan of Dancing with the Stars! It's one of my favorite shows. This week Chaz was finally voted off and he definitely deserved to go! His dances were hard to watch because there was never any improvement. I think the judges were mostly being nice to him and letting him skate by until this week. He took offense to the comments, but honestly, they were all deserved. I really, really, really LOVE David Arquette. Yes, he's crazy...but I think he's really genuine & quite lovable.

I'm still anxiously waiting for my Erin Condren planner to arrive! The status went from "Pending" to "Invoice to Print" to "Printed." I hope that means they are almost done!! Their store/work area is only 26 miles from my apartment so I think shipping should be really fast once they send it out.

Chris has a birthday in 17 days. Guess who he shares it with? Only the hottest man on planet Earth. It's okay to say this because I'm pretty sure Chris has a little man-crush on him too :)

Don't forget to enter my NOVICA giveaway by tonight. I will pick a winner tomorrow morning!

Everyone that participated in the scarf swap should have sent out their partner's packages by now. If you haven't, please do so as soon as possible. I asked from the very beginning that if you signed up, you follow the timeline. Packages should have been sent out by last Friday, but I completely understand that sometimes time just gets away from us. Please just keep your partner informed of the status.


Laur said...

Good luck in your 5K! You will do great! I remember my first one and I thought I would never be able to run it all…however, with everyone cheering you on, you get a second wind or something and its easier than you think.

I want that cupcake now! I have pumpkin bread in the oven…Mmmm!

Have a great day, pretty girl! XO

Jules said...

Even if you have to walk for a little bit, the point is that you're doing the 5K and that's impressive. It's going to feel so good to get to the finish line.

I can't wait to see your Halloween costume! Those candy corn cupcakes look so yummy.

How fun that C shares his birthday with Ryan Gosling. I'm sure you'll have something fun planned :)

Amber @ A Little Pink in the Cornfields said...

Which planner did you get? I love mine! It has really helped me be more organized!!

Jodie said...

That cupcake looks so good!! :)
I posted about my scarf swap!

Thanks for letting me be part of it!

Amy @ Forever 29 said...

I need to step up my training my hubs said this morning "when is your 5k again? It's going to be here before you know it." Yeah, thanks ;-)

Jen said...

Girlfriend...I am SO proud of you for running and commiting to your first 5K! You may be surprised how far you can run when that race day adrenaline is pumping. You will do fantastic!!!

Mary A. said...

5 Ks are AWESOME and there is NOTHING WRONG with walking part -- or all-- of it.

How fun!

can't wait for photos!