Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Fall TV Dates

My bloggy BFF did a post similar to this recently, we think alike!

I'm a self-proclaimed TV junkie! Looks like I'll be busy next week with the premiere of all of my favorite shows! Here are the shows I'll start out watching, but I may weed some of them out as the season goes on:

Boardwalk Empire (this is for C) - Sunday, Sept 25, 9/8 c
Pan Am (NEW) - Sunday, Sept 25, 10/9 c

Dancing with the Stars - Monday, Sept 19, 8/7 c
Castle - Monday, Sept 19, 10/9 c
Hawaii Five-0 - Monday, Sept 19, 10/9 c

Ringer (NEW) - Tuesday, Sept 13, 9/8 c
NCIS - Tuesday, Sept 20, 8/7 c
NCIS: LA - Tuesday, Sept 20, 9/8 c

Survivor - Wednesday, Sept 14, 8/7 c
Glee (?) - Wednesday, Sept 21, 8/7 c
Revenge (NEW) - Wednesday, Sept 21, 10/9 c

Charlie's Angels (NEW) - Thursday, Sept 22, 8/7 c
The Mentalist (?) - Thursday, Sept 22, 10/9 c
Private Practice - Thursday, Sept 29, 10/9 c
Bones - Thursday, Nov 3, 9/8 c

Nikita - Friday, Sept 23, 8/7 c

I'm excited to give a couple of new shows a try. I'm most excited about the Charlie's Angels reboot and I hope it turns out to be good. I don't have the highest hopes for it, but I also didn't think Hawaii Five-0 would be good and it's my all-time favorite show on tv now! I was intrigued by the Revenge promos so I will give it a shot. I will most likely be cutting Glee and The Mentalist this year. Neither show kept my interest last season.

I'm disappointed that Nikita got moved to Friday nights. I hope this isn't a bad sign for the success of the show because it is one of my favorites! If you haven't watched, I highly recommend getting caught up and adding it to your list this season. It's so good!

Did you hear about the Five-0 & NCIS: LA crossover??! I for one, can't wait for that episode!

What's on your must-watch list this season?


Anonymous said...

I've been in a fog lately-- thanks for the line-up! Looks like some great shows and I can't wait for the Charlie's Angels!

Heather said...

What a great list! I am excited for Pan Am. What do you think about the new show called (I think) Revenge? It looks interesting based on the commercials.

Stephanie said...

I ALWAYS look forward to the new TV season!!! I am trying two new shows this year- Pan Am and Up All Night. Looking forward to my favs returning- How I Met Your Mother, Glee, Dancing with the Stars, Modern Family. Final season of Desperate Housewives too.

Anonymous said...

We're getting married next week and I'm so sad to be missing some premieres, but really happy to be getting married. :) We're comedy people, so we'll be watching Modern Family, The Office, Parks and Rec. We're going to try out Whitney, The New Girl, and Two Broke Girls...we'll see. Happy Watching!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and I'm hooked on Dance Moms thanks to your blog. :)

Mary A. said...

All i know is AGT finale is tonight and I REALLY REALLY REALLY want Landau to WIN!

Jen said...

I STILL can't understand why Bones starts so late!!!! I;m dying to know where they will pick up with the baby and all that! I am also excited to check out this Ringer show because I was a huge Buffy fan and I miss Sarah Michelle Gellar :-)

Kate said...

I'm giving Pan Am a shot (hadn't include it on my list before). I LOVE Mike Vogel. So cute!

I don't love most of the crimes on the Mentalist (boring) but Simon Baker is so great. I watch for him!

Shoshanah said...

I feel like there's so night with so many shows I want to watch where there's no way I could watch them all. And other that are completely empty. I really need a tivo, but for now I'm doing without. I still haven't made my tv schedule, I'm a little afraid to do it because I don't want to cut anything out Ha!