Thursday, September 22, 2011

DWTS: My Studio Experience!

I was expecting it, but it was still sad to see Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) be the first celebrity eliminated from Dancing with the Stars this week!

Did you watch the season premiere on Monday? Isn't the new studio amazing? It's even more amazing in person! That's right, I was there! By some crazy luck & being in the right place at the right time, Chris and I were able to get into the studio for the live taping!

I had to go to Beverly Hills for a doctor's appointment Monday afternoon so we thought we'd swing by the studio afterwards and see if we could get in. There were at least 500 people waiting, but luckily we got in as seat-fillers!

At first, we were seated in the very back facing the stage, but only sat there for one routine (Ron & Peta). Then two "celebrities" with reserved seating showed up and we had to move. For the next two routines (Rob & Cheryl; Kristin & Mark) we were standing with the crew watching on a TV screen. At the next commercial break, a stagehand moved us to the back of the right side of the stage, but I only sat there for about 30 seconds. We were split up, and I moved RIGHT BEHIND THE JUDGES' TABLE! It was insane! And Chris got a much better seat a few rows behind the entire Kardashian clan and Billy Baldwin! Haha!

It was really so much fun! I couldn't see the dances because the judges' table was in the way, but I had a good view of the critiques and the judges kept turning around and talking to us, especially Bruno. Tom Bergeron was also walking by a lot and was so nice.

I saw Courtney Cox and her daughter CoCo (so cute!), Pee Wee Herman, former Bachelorette Melissa and her husband, Ralph Macchio, Niecy Nash, Margaret Cho, and probably a few others I can't remember. Courtney was so nice to her fans! She talked to everyone and shook hands. Her and David Arquette seem so genuine and real. Unlike the Kardashian's. Kim was on her phone the entire time, Kourtney looked bored out of her mind, and Kris and Bruce just sat there like statues. Lamar and Khloe were the only ones that seemed like they were enjoying themselves.

LMFAO also performed so the segment you saw on Tuesday's episode was actually filmed on Monday night. They didn't really show it, but Bruno was going CRAZY on the table, taking his clothes off and all over Carrie Ann. It was so funny!

We couldn't take cameras or phones inside so we had to watch the episode to see if either of us would be shown. As luck would have it (being totally sarcastic here!), I appear almost every time that Bruno gave feedback or gave his score. I like to think that I was like the 4th judge. See for yourself, but blink and you'll miss us!

And that was our Dancing with the Stars experience! I highly recommend going to the show if you can get tickets. It's really well organized and so much fun!

Oh and just for fun, my favorites are JR Martinez and David Arquette! I hope that Rob Kardashian and Elisabetta Canalis go home soon.


Keri said...

That is so awesome!!!!!

Jenny said...

That's SO cool!! I'm so star struck! lol

Dixie Bell Designs said...

Oh my gosh!! That is awesome!! I wish I didn't live 3000 mile away! Haha....

I'm rooting for Kristin Cavallari, David Arquette, and Hope Solo. I can't choose!

Kate said...

How fun! I've never watched DWTS but I bet it's really amazing being in the audience and watching the dancing!

Lucky in Love said...

Dude...that is so cool! You're a celebrity!

Shoshanah said...

This looks like it must have been so much fun! Especially since not only were you there, but you have the proof to show everyone.