Monday, September 20, 2010

Let's Talk...


Top Chef DC - I was VERY surprised to see Kevin win because I thought that Ed was the strongest chef left in the competition. For me, he seemed to peak at the end, whereas Angelo really seemed to falter and lose confidence in himself as the show progressed. I also noticed that Kevin seemed to get stronger as the weeks went on, but he never stood out, per say. Did he even win an elimination challenge? Anyway, it's very clear that the judges base their decisions on the food that is presented to them in that episode, not ever thinking about the chef's overall performance in the competition. I think this is how Kevin won. He made the best food of the night, but I don't think he is the strongest chef of the three. To me, he seemed to play it safe with all of his dishes (regular competition included) while Ed really showcased his different skills and talents as a chef, with innovative food and ideas. Unfortunately, he just didn't do as well as Kevin that night. I also think his horrible decision to leave the dessert to his sous chef was a big part of why he didn't win. And Angelo?? Forget him. I'm pretty sure he's a self-sabotager and can only cook Asian food.

Nikita - One word...OBSESSED. As in, I am obsessed with this show. If you aren't watching it, you really should be. The return of Shane West aka Landon Carter (A Walk to Remember! I know I'm not the only one that loved that movie) and the awesome bad-assness of Maggie Q is a winning combination. (CW, Thursday at 9 pm)

Survivor: Nicaragua - Holy cow...hilarious! From contestants like Jimmy Johnson to the sarcastic comments from Shannon, this is going to be a good season! Plus, I have a crush on Jeff Probst :) In all seriousness, I am surprised that the tribes are split into "young" and "old" and am curious to see what kind of challenges they'll have to compete in. It will be interesting to see if young bravado or old strategy will prevail. (CBS, Wednesday at 8 pm)


The Great Food Truck Race - The season finale of this show is Sunday! I can't wait to see if Nom Nom Truck or Grill Em All Truck takes the prize! Both of these trucks are from Los Angeles, and I was actually lucky enough to go to an event that they were doing together and try their food (pictures below). I'll be excited for either of them to win. (Food Network, Sunday at 9 pm)

C with Misa, of Nom Nom Truck...

kinda like meeting a celebrity!

banh mi?

I want you to know that I waited 2 hours and 15 minutes
in line for Grill Em All...totally worth it!


Both have great food, and surprisingly, the Grill Em All guys were EXTREMELY nice (I think they come off as rude on the show but it couldn't be further from the truth). Luckily, we got there early so we had a decent place in line (and I still waited over 2 hours), but by the time we left there was still a line of at least 150 people waiting to order. It was crazy, but I'm glad we went!


This week is full of premieres. Here's what I'll be watching:

Hawaii Five-O (CBS) 10 pm

Glee (Fox) 8 pm
NCIS (CBS) 8 pm
NCIS: LA (CBS) 9 pm

Bones (Fox) 8 pm
The Mentalist (CBS) 10 pm

The Amazing Race (CBS) 8:30 pm

What's on your Must Watch List this season?


Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Yikes! I need to be out the door and heading to work (Mondays are my late days...start at 930 ...last pt from 6 to 7pm).

Anywho....I'm looking forward to the new season of Human Target... I love the food shows, home shows...etc... we watched the finale of The Great Food Truck Race! I am sure they were both great...but I was leaning towards the NomNom truck :o) They were great sports. How exciting that you two were able to try both of their foods!

Blessings & Aloha!

nomo wino daph said...

Honey, what is that in that last picture?? I NEED IT, it looks goooooood!!

I am really not a huge TV watcher.
I liked 24, but now it's over :(

Not sure what I will watch this year!
I do however like the Mentalist! So, I will
tune into that-

Hope your day is great cutie pie!

Jules said...

Fall TV is back and my DVR is ready for the abuse ;) We don’t really have food trucks around here (I wish we did), but the food you got from Grill Em All looks ridiculously delicious!

I might watch Hawaii-Five-O. Some of the new NBC shows look okay, but I’ll probably be watching a lot of what I watched last year (Grey’s Anatomy, How I Met Your Mother, Modern Family, Cougartown, Dexter, Vampire Diaries).

I also want to start watching that new Boardwalk Empire show on HBO!


Glitterista said...

I am so excited for Glee tomorrow! My all-time fave--Gossip Girl started last week and I am attempting to limit the new shows I add to the DVR. I was also surprised to see Kevin win--but I agree his food did seem to be the best for the finale. Have a great Monday! :)

Stephanie said...

Oh my, I watch WAY too much tv- this fall I'll be watching 30 Rock, Community, Glee, Modern Family, Cougartown, Fringe, Boardwalk Empire, Eastbound & Down, and Lone Star (at least checking it out). Happily, I can watch most of it online, so I don't have to plan my nights around it!

I kept up with The Great Food Truck Race too, but haven't seen the finale yet- I hope it's on On Demand today! I was pulling for Nom Nom!

Mary A. said...

I want to watch Outsourced, but my DH is the ruler of the TV around here, so. . . .

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I just found the food truck show a week or two ago and LOVE it! My two favorite teams are in the final and I am so excited. Love them both but I am pretty sure I could eat at Nom Nom every day for the rest of my life. Mmmm.

Happiness Is... said...

Totally agree with your Top Chef sentiments! Angelo = bo-ring!

I am looking forward to The Event.

Shoshanah said...

I completely agree with your thoughts on Top Chef finale. I do think Angelo deserved to win if based on the season as a whole, but since they're judging from just one meal I can see how Kevin won

Carole said...

I also agree re TC.

Lucky you to have tried the fare at both food trucks. I was rooting for the NomNom truck.

RE Survivor, I'm hoping that the young vs. old doesn't mean that the "old" tribe will get picked off quickly.

I'm looking forward to the season opener of Grey's Anatomy--after the blood bath at the end of the season, I hope that things are calm.

Kate said...

My must-watch shows are Glee, One Tree Hill, SVU, Law and Order: LA. And I'm kind of intruiged by The Event.