Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Essentials

Looks like the 90° weather is going to continue this week! I jumped the gun and wore boots last week, but it was not the best idea I've ever had. Luckily I sit inside of a cold office all day so I wasn't too miserable...

I wanted to share a few fall essentials that get me through the season!

The days of misshapen boots bundled up at the bottom of your closet are over. Simply squeeze these boot shapers together to insert them in your favorite pair of tall boots. The sturdy construction will retain the shape of your boots and keep them looking like new. Convenient hanger allows you to hang the boots from a closet rod.

Lip Balm
It gets really windy here with the Santa Ana winds in late fall and early winter. Lip balm is essential in making sure my lips stay moisturized and smooth! My favorite is still the classic Burt's Bees (which I now have a new one thanks to Alyssa!)

It would not be an exaggeration to say that I wear a scarf almost every day. I love them so much! Forever21 has some great scarf options for really good prices. I like to keep my wardrobe pretty neutral and add a pop of color or print with a scarf (all options below under $10 at F21).

Reflective Riding Gear
One of the great things about fall is the cooler temperatures (= more bike rides), but it also means less daylight. When I'm riding I want to make sure that every car driver can see me! There is a company called Relax Reflect that makes all sorts of clothing with reflective designs built right in! It's so cool, and I think I am definitely going to need a pair of star leggings for riding in the dusk/dark. Check them out if you are a runner, biker, etc. and do a lot of training outside.

Slow Cooker
It's like having an in-house chef when you use your slow cooker! Put something in it before you leave for work, and when you come home, there is a delicious meal waiting for you. It's like magic! I find recipes all over the internet, but some of my favorite sources are: The Girl Who Ate Everything, Pinterest, and Crock Pot Girls (no pictures, but lots of recipes).

What are some of your fall essentials?


Anonymous said...

The boot hanger is too cool. I learned about rolling up old magazines to stuff in boots to keep them up last year. Love the little tricks. You can never have enough boots or cardigans come fall time!

Rachel @ Just Peachy said...

I LOVE that first scarf! I'm going over to noww.. thanks!

And for my boots, I just fill them with old plastic bags from the grocery store. But those boot hangers are way more convenient!

Jen said...

STILL in the 90s?? Are you dying out there? It has been in the beautiful 60s and 70s around here and I am loving it. Hoping the cool weather gets to you soon!!! LOVE the scarves by the way. I may have to get to a F21!

Mary A. said...

Boots tights and turtlenecks. Unfortunately for me, Fall doesn't start here until late November.

Kate said...

Is it really that hot still in the valley? It's in the low 70s over here. Perfection! Supposed to be warming up again though (boo)

I love boot shapers. I splurge on them-good investment I think.

You look so cute in scarves. I think it really pulls a look together. I'm going to try to incorporate more scarves this fall

Anonymous said...

I think you should host another scarf swap! :)

Lauren said...

i love scarfs in the fall (heck, any time really). And i think some investment in bootshapers in a MUST considering i got some great new boots last year that are getting a bit wonky at the bottom of my closet.

also, what is this i hear about a scarf swap.