Friday, September 10, 2010

Hawaii #3

Part III Recap

Dad was back at work Monday morning, so the three of us spent the morning at the lagoon. I will tell you that I rarely burn, but the Hawaii sun is so much hotter than anything I've felt. Luckily, it was also somewhat breezy and that would bring the clouds in for just enough time to make you want the sun back. The best product Mom and I bought was Maui Babe, a lotion that accelerates the tanning process. It's made with all natural ingredients from the Hawaiian Islands and it really does work! Unfortunately, my mom didn't use any additional SPF (Maui Babe doesn't have any in it) and she got so sunburned! You'll probably notice in the pictures below.

On Monday evening, we went to a luau! It was so fun to dress up in Hawaiian outfits, though I'm sure we all looked like such tourists. Before the luau began, they had some entertainment which included a guy who climbed a coconut tree in about 5 seconds. It was so scary because he was really high up! They also did a "hula dance" lesson and a "fashion show" showcasing different ways to wear a sarong. It was a lot of fun. When we were ready for dinner, they uncovered the ground and revealed the pig that had been cooking there all day. Really neat!

Our food was good and the entertainment was awesome! The theme of the show was sharing the different Polynesian traditions and dances. They featured rituals, the attire, and the dances of places like Samoa, Tonga, and New Zealand.

family picture (notice Puffin?)

Mom and Dad


Cocktails at the luau...Blue Hawaii's

Climbing the coconut tree!

sarong fashion show

Getting the pig



C with his favorite dancer

It was a great night! I think you can only get tickets to this particular luau if you are currently serving or retired military. But if you are, and end up in Waikiki, then definitely do it. They have such a nice tribute at the end of the luau for service members and it's very patriotic and moving. There was even an old man there that had served in three wars and was celebrating his 65th wedding anniversary with his wife. The host brought them on stage and sang them a love song while they danced...I cried, it was so sweet :)

Next, recaps of our submarine tour and sunset dinner cruise!


Sorority Girl said...

The luau looks like a great time and I love your dress! Have a great weekend! xoxo.

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

LOVING all of your pictures.

Muffy said...

How sweet! So glad you had a good time!!!

Everything and Anything said...

The pictures are beautiful and we can see y all ahd a lot of fun!!!

Mary A. said...

Your mom has skin like mine -- burns no matter what.

I LOVE Hawaii -- especially because my sweet in-laws were born there. Love to go visit the family -- makes me feel like a local, even if I am a big fat haole.

Carole said...

Enjoying your photos

CAC muffin said...

all you photos are so beautiful - it looks like you had an awesome trip! I hope one day to be able to visit Hawaii!!! :)

Shoshanah said...

I love to be able to go to a luau in Hawaii someday. Or even just go to Hawaii, but really if you're there, don't you really need to go a a luau?

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Both my hubby's sisters are accomplished hula dancers...Hula is so graceful and the tahitian dances are amazing! I wish I could move like that! :o)

Love your photos!

Blessings & Aloha!