Monday, July 11, 2011

Rhode Island Recap (Part 1)

I'm back!

I have a ton of pictures so like always, I'll split my vacation into a few recaps. As usual, this is mostly for my own sake so I can remember everything we did, but I hope that some of you enjoy reading about it.

Just an FYI - there were a lot of people there so here is the general breakdown:

Chris and me
Kathy - Chris' sister
Jeff & Danny - Chris and Kathy's parents; our hosts for the week
Uncle Jeff & Katy - Danny's brother and his wife (this is Chris' uncle, so I stated that just to clarify between Dad Jeff and Uncle Jeff...confused???)
Jeanie & Al - Danny's niece (Uncle Jeff's daughter) and her husband
Mishi, AJ, Ana, Evy, and Lizzie - Jeanie and Al's kids
Rocky - Jeff & Danny's family dog
Soldier - Jeanie and Al's family dog

We arrived early and C's parents picked us up from the airport. Most of the family had arrived a couple of days earlier so we chatted with everyone for a few minutes, but we were all so tired and had to take a nap. We woke up in time for Happy Hour on the back deck (a regular occurrence every day at 5 pm!) and I handed out the goodie bags I had made. Everyone really enjoyed them so the effort was well worth it. C's dad, Jeff, made delicious pulled pork for dinner! It was so good!

Lizzie with her watermelon cookie.

Al, Uncle Jeff, and Kathy with Soldier

Uncle Jeff & Katy arrived a little later than us

Mishi, me, Chris, and Evy

Ana, Kathy, and Evy

Much of our time was spent on the back deck!

Pulled pork, baked beans, and fresh salad

After breakfast at the house, we headed over to the Cliff Walk to enjoy the views. We also went into Newport and walked around for a bit before heading back home for Happy Hour and a homemade spaghetti dinner (SOOOOOO yummy!).

Chris and I

Chris & his cousins doing their traditional family pose

All of us on the Cliff Walk

Heading to Newport in Danny's convertible :)


Chris and I went to breakfast with Danny, Katy, Uncle Jeff, and Jeanie. Afterwards, we headed over to the private airport because Jeff (dad!) had offered to take me up in his plane to see the island. It was so fun! We also watched a bunch of skydivers jumping and are thinking about doing it next year. After that, Chris and I went back to Newport to check out the shopping on Thames St and we met up with the family a little while later for polo. I had never been before but it was a lot of fun watching the USA play Kenya (btw, we lost). Afterwards, we had family time on the porch and watched a movie.

(L) Danny, Katy, and Jeff; (R) Chris and me

A little nervous...

Ready for my flight with Jeff!

At the polo fields watching USA vs. Kenya

Back deck time! So relaxing!


Sarah Beth - Dixie Gator Gal said...

What a fantastic trip, glad y'all had a great time!!

Anonymous said...

Yum, I'm so jealous of that food!!!

Mary A. said...

How incredibly awesome! Did you get any pics from the air?????

Lauren said...

your trip looks great (and makes me miss the east coast!)

Laur said...

Looks wonderful!!! PS…dont forget…tonight is the Bachelorette!!! :)

Tamra {walkswithBella} said...

Hi Sweetie! Just discovered your blog and loving it! I'm a southern belle living on the east coast in NY. Gotta love the Belles taking over the rest of the country. :) Newest follower - tamra

Nantucket Dreams said...

Looks like a fun trip and a lot of good family times as well as good food!