Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Day Trip to Boston

Chris and I left bright and early Tuesday morning for Boston. Luckily there was no traffic and we were walking around the Fenway Park area by 10am. We didn't do an actual tour, but it was so neat to see the road lined with Boston Red Sox shops and even their newspaper holders were in the shape of a baseball!

Per the recommendations, we checked out Sweet at Harvard Square, and our peach cobbler cupcake was so tasty! We even went back at the end of the day (to the one on Newbury St) to pick up a dozen for the family.

We also stumbled across Finale while at Harvard Square so we decided to try the Boston Cream pie there (instead of heading to the Boston Park Plaza Hotel location). It was really delicious!

We went to Faniuel Hall and had clam chowder, then walked to the harbor to see the aquarium seals and the water of course.

I had wanted to try a lobster roll the entire trip, but didn't want to commit to spending $20 on one. We walked by this weird little shack and I was intrigued by the picture of the lobster and hot dog so I wanted to see what they sold. Turns out it was a hot dog shack that had lobster rolls. I quickly Yelp'ed it, and what do you know? 5 stars. For about $13, we had a delicious lobster roll from the most unassuming place.

We did a lot of sightseeing and really lucked out with traffic and parking! Boston is a really beautiful city. I could just imagine the old times with cobblestone streets and horse and carriages, especially when driving the narrow streets in Beacon Hill.

It seems like we ate a lot, but we were actually starving by the end of the day since we shared everything. Luckily, we made it home in time for dinner. Al's parents came up on Monday morning from Miami to stay for a couple of days, and they made a delicious Cuban dish of slow cooked carne asada and chorizo, black beans, and rice.

That's my trip in a nutshell! It was so much fun, and I'm so glad we had the opportunity to spend time with C's family this year.

(PS: sorry for my excessive use of diptic in this post...all of us iPhone users got obsessed with the app while on the trip!)


Elizabeth said...

So glad to hear you enjoyed Boston. I lived there for five years and it's my heartthrob! It must've been so wonderful being there around the 4th!

Michelle said...

I love Boston! My sister lives fact, she just recently moved from Fenway to Jamaica Plain. I don't get up there often enough, but when I do I never want to come home!

Mary A. said...

OMG I would eat my weight in cream pies if I were in Boston.

What an awesome trip!

starnes family said...

Sweet baby Jesus, I love that town.

Dog n Claw?

Yes, please!

Kate said...

How fun! I went to Boston when I was tiny so, obviously, I don't remember it. I'd love to go back though!

Kate said...

How fun! I went to Boston when I was tiny so, obviously, I don't remember it. I'd love to go back though!