Monday, November 1, 2010

advice on buying a food processor

My mom recently asked what I would like for Christmas. The only thing I can think of really needing is a good food processor. There are so many times that I bookmark a recipe, only to realize that it requires a food processor to do some part of the recipe.

Yes, I've used a rolling pin and ziploc bag to pulverize cookies into itty bitty pieces, but I would love to be able to make things like homemade pesto and tomatillo salsa or this amazing hazelnut cream, using a processor.

In looking for one that would do the job, I thought of CSN. I see many of my fellow bloggers reviewing items and hosting giveaways featuring CSN so I knew it would be a good place to start.

My only requirements:

- processor must be regular size, no mini's!
- cost less than $200
- be a neutral color (white, stainless steel, black; no red)

CSN seemed to have a number of good options, but a few of the styles I'm interested in are currently out of stock. I've still posted those here in case any of you have opinions about them.

These are all in different ranges as far as price goes, but I am curious to know if any of you have a Kalorik brand processor. There are no reviews for it, but the price is right at $99. However, I don't want to skimp on price only to be disappointed in power and efficiency. There's a reason that the Cuisinart and KitchenAid options are more expensive. I am leaning towards KitchenAid since I absolutely love my stand mixer.

I know this is a boring topic*, but I want to make sure that I get something I will be able to use easily and that will fit my needs.

Do any of you own one of these and would you recommend it?
Or do you own a different kind that you would recommend?

*thanks in advance for your help!


Brown Girl said...

We got one as a wedding gift, I believe it's a cuisinart...M is the only one who has used it so far but he was pretty happy with it. Sorry, that wasn't very useful, ha!

Mary A. said...

I have never had one -- I'm interested in what you think. After 18 years of marriage, I finally got a crock pot and love it. . .maybe a cuisinart is next!

Stephanie P. said...

I own a Kalorik blender and it's fantastic- it's really sturdy and does a great job of blending all sorts of stuff evenly, from homemade enchilada sauce to ice for margaritas. I imagine that a food processor from them would be equally great!

Annabel Manners said...

I'm eying that Cuisinart myself. I have a sub-par food processor from Target but I still use it all the time. You'll use yours all the time!

Carole said...

I have a KA and it is a work horse. It has multiple bowls of varying sizes, which is very handy. There is also a storage case for the blades. I've used a Cuisinart in the past. You can't go wrong w/ either brand.

Lindsey said...

I was just talking to my husband about this the other day. The same thing keeps happening. I run across all these great recipes and they all require a food processor. I can only chop things so tiny or bash things to bits...Sigh. I hope I get one for Christmas.

Krista said...

My mom has the cuisinart food processor. She has had it for as long as I can remember (over 25 years!), and it still works. If they're still made to the same standards as they were in the 80s, I'd recommend that one!

Lucky in Love said...

I know this is from a while ago...but we have a kitchenaid food processor and it is so freaking awesome. My husband did all this research before we registered for one for our wedding and he wanted that way more than the cuisinart. I have no idea why...but it works great :)