Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Thanksgiving Recap!

Chris & I had a fun time in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving! I only lost about $40 once it was all said and done so that turned out better than I thought it would. I have never been that lucky, except for the one time I hit jackpot on a $1 machine. Since our 5K was on Fremont Street, we stayed at the Golden Nugget for the night. It worked out perfectly because we were just a short walk from the starting line.

Here are some pictures from our first 5K. It went pretty much like I expected. I knew that I hadn't had enough time to train and that it was going to be hard. The first mile went by quickly, getting to the second mile was hard, and the last 1/2 mile was really hard. But I'm glad that I did it and even though my time sucked, I proved to myself that I could get through it. I would like to continue to train and have another opportunity to improve my time.

For the rest of our trip we stayed at our timeshare located behind the Flamingo on the strip (great location!). After checking in, we watched football and I took a little nap. I was shocked at Ndamakong Suh's blatant penalty during the Green Bay/Lions game. I have seen & heard of his "dirty" style of playing, and he certainly showcased that side of him during one of the biggest and most watched games of the season. I don't know how anyone could defend him (even Lions fans) especially after his insane press conference after the fact. Yikes. Chris had bet on the Miami game and since they lost by less than 7 points, he won $60 :)

We decided to have Thankgiving dinner at Wicked Spoon, a buffet located at The Cosmopolitan. Not surprisingly, everyone else had the same idea. We ended up getting in at around the 3 hour mark so we were both really hungry and I might have been getting a teensy bit cranky. Luckily, the buffet was definitely worth the wait and I would highly recommend it to anyone going to Las Vegas. I liked it because all of the food was served in individual dishes plus it was all really tasty. They also have a macaroni & cheese bar where you can add all sorts of ingredients to basic mac & cheese. Delicious!

The best thing about our hotel was that we were right on the strip. We explored all of the casinos, watched the Bellagio fountain show (one of my faves!), and were able to get everywhere we wanted to go on foot. The Flamingo has a wildlife habitat on the grounds. It's a nice break from the smoke-filled casinos.

Here are some other random pictures from our trip.

Burger from Le Burger Brasserie;
Scorpion bowl from our favorite place, the Peppermill;
Holiday decorations at our hotel;
Deep-dish pizza from Chicago Brewing Company

Yummy tacos from Tacos El Gordo;
Bellagio fountain show;
Craft beer from Tenaya Creek Brewery;
I found Donny (love him)!

On Sunday, I decided to bet on the Patriots to beat the Eagles by 4 points or more. Boy, was I nervous during the first quarter of that game. I couldn't believe we were down by 10 in less than 5 minutes. But thankfully, Tom Brady must have heard that I put a lot of money on him so he went to work and won the game for me! I ended up winning $160! I think that was a good way to end the trip!

That was my Thankgiving in a nutshell. Now it's time to get in the holiday spirit! Today is our annual holiday party at work so it's basically a free day. We are in the office until about 11:30 then we are heading over to Fleming's for free lunch and all the wine we can drink in a 3 hour time span. Sounds like fun!

I'm working my way through an overfilled Google Reader so hopefully you'll be seeing some comments from me soon. 


Jules said...

I'm so glad you and C had a nice time in Vegas and a good Thanksgiving. Regardless of your time, you still finished a 5K! That is so great and I'm proud of you.

That buffet with the mac 'n cheese looks SO good. I also like that they have everything individual dishes!

Vegas is so fun!

Ashley @ The Sweet Life Studio said...

New to your blog - glad I found you! Looks like you had a great Thanksgiving!

Kate said...

Congrats on your first 5K! YAY!

I need to check out that buffet next time I'm in Vegas. The mac & cheese sounds AMAZING!

Laur said...

WOO HOO! Way to go on your 5K! Looks like you had a wonderful Turkey weekend! And super jealous of your holiday party today!!! Have fun!!!!

DietCokeStraightUp said...

I want to reach through the computer and eat the ravioli's in the pot! Looks amazing.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like an amazing Thanksgiving weekend! And looks delicious. So hungry right now :)

That Suh penalty was ridic! And did you see he recently crashed his car? Not sure what the cause was but he didn't get hurt. Is it wrong I assume he was drinking or doing something illegal? lol

P.S. We should get together over the holidays. Maybe we can convince Kate to host something ;)

starnes family said...

Your blog is looking prettier than ever, friend!

Glad yall had a good holiday. I'm just getting around to catching up!

Jen said...

SO PROUD OF YOU ON YOUR 5K!! Seriously sweetie...sucky time or not, you DID IT!!! Yay! You will be addicted now :-)