Wednesday, December 1, 2010

odds, ends, and a giveaway.

Thank you so much for the kind words and prayers for my mom. She had heart surgery and is recovering nicely. The doctors said that if she hadn't gone in when she did, she would have likely died within 2 months. Needless to say, our family really had reason to give thanks this year.

C and I had a quiet Thanksgiving weekend. It was nice to have the four days off, that's for sure! We ate too much, watched football, napped often, and generally lazed around. We did make it out to see Harry Potter and I thought it was fantastic! I know some people said it was slow in areas, but I didn't think so at all.


Fellow blogger, Stacy, recently contacted me about doing a giveaway and I thought it would be just perfect for the Christmas season! Stacy has an etsy shop, Dixie Bell Designs, where she sells items like key fobs, headbands, and belts.

This giveaway is for a $20 credit to her etsy shop. Her key fobs make great stocking stuffers, and with nothing over $6, you could definitely stock up on cute gifts!

I'd love for you all to enter! Just leave a comment letting me know what you want for Christmas (1 entry). If you want extra entries, just follow Stacy's blog (1 entry) and Facebook (1 entry).

Let me know in your comment how many entries you get...1, 2, or 3.

Thanks Dixie Bell Designs for this fun giveaway! I'll announce a winner next Monday, December 6.


suburban prep said...

I would love a pair of leather boots but I would also love some yarn for my next knitting project.

Southern Living: Preppy Style said...

Oh how cute! I adore Etsy and am a little too addicted because of all these fabulous shops! Enter me....I would love a new strand of pearls (my lovely Lallie broke mine :(

Anonymous said...

I am hoping for Hunter rain boots with cable knit socks! Thank you for hosting!

Anonymous said...

What cute accessories! Love em!

I'd like a new fleece vest. I love fleece, and they're perfect for when you want the extra warmth, without the bulk of layering long sleeves!

Dollface said...

cute!! enter me :) Hope your mom is doing well, xxxooo

Muffy said...

I already have everything I could "want" for Christmas-- but I did have my eye on a Freeport Fleece from LL Bean. HAHA! Muffy is ALWAYS cold. Great giveaway. Glad to hear your mother is recovering well. So scary when things like that happen.

Mary A. said...

First of all -- Thank GOD your mom is OK. That must have been terrifying.


I'm entering once.

I want $6500.00 for Christmas. And, as Sally Brown says, send it in 10's & 20's!

That's all!

Jules said...

I'm so glad your mom is okay and recovering. It's also nice that you and C had a quiet Thanksgiving. Sometimes a little R&R is the best thing.

I'd love to be entered into the giveaway. For Christmas, there are a pair of riding boots I saw on Piperlime that I love.

Preppy Girl Meets World said...

Thank goodness that your mom is doing well. That is SCARY! Gives a whole new meaning to the term Thanksgiving.

For Hannukah/New Year, what I really want is something (preferably an LL Bean Boat and Tote) with my monogram on it. I have been advised not to buy any more monogrammed stuff for myself since my last name will be changing in 6 months, but I love my current monogram and it doesn't count if someone else gets it for me, right?

Susannah said...

I want some Revas for Christmas!!

Hillcrest Acres said...

What a great giveaway!!!

I want a Tory Burch purse.

Lucky in Love said...

I'm way behind...catching up and thinking about your family!!

And for Christmas?? Hm. All I want is a healthy baby girl :) XOXO

Breakfast At Toast said...

Hi STRANGER. How are you? I'm in LA, you know ;)

Amanda said...

I want a JOB for Christmas!! Or, you know, anything thoughtful... I don't get many presents anymore, since I don't live near my family and they don't send stuff!

I also followed Dixie Bell Design's blog and Liked on facebook, so I get..

3 Entries! :)

April Westerhold said...

Thank God your mother is doing better. What a great Christmas gift.

I would like a new printer scanner for Christmas.

2 entries


Karla said...

I really want ski boots of my own!! among lots of other little trinkets but this is the biggest! I'm glad your mom is doing better!

3 entries!! :D

Belle on Heels said...

so fun and glad to hear your mom is doing well :) i would like someone to come and completely unpack our new house for christmas!!

Just Add Walter said...

glad to hear about your mom - that can be so scary! I would love to SELL our house for christmas!

flip flops and pearls said...

(((HUGS))) and prayers to you and your momma!!

I don't need anything, just bought the TB Eddies last week that were on my list, lol. I would like some Hunter Short Originals:)

Count me in for 3 entries please.
I follow you, Stacey's blog and FB:)

BroncoMom said...

Ms Sweet Tea,
Thank you for sharing the updates on your Mom. So glad that she is on the road to recovery.
For Christmas I would like some quality time with the "boys" in my life! I know Santa will bring me that gift.
Please mark me down for 2 entries for this giveaway.
Hugs always,

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Goodness! Prayers for your mom's continued recovery! We had been up at my dad's to visit and help him during his recovery from his heart surgery! (he does not have a computer and where he lives in the north woods, reception is the greatest for my hubby's blackberry). So catching up on my favorite blog reads now.

I'll be popping back through some of your posts that I have missed.

Prayers, thoughts and love from coastal Georgia, dear friend!
Blessings & Aloha!

Personalized Sketches and Sentiments said...

Oh after reading about your mom here, I posted my comment and didnt finish my train of thought. ...A great giveaway too! I love her reversible headband. Too cute.

Um...please include me...I'd love another Hawaiian jewelry bangle (actually, is it a little naughty to already know about getting one :o)

Blessings & Aloha!