Tuesday, December 14, 2010

another christmas activity!

I had a Top 5 Tuesday post idea, but didn't have time to get it together...hopefully next week!

Only 5 more days until my final class of graduate school!

I'm pretty much done with my portion of my group's business plan so all that's left for me to do is practice, practice, practice. We've got to give a 45 minute presentation in front of the Dean, our professor, and two additional professors on Saturday morning. It's also going to be in front of about 30 of my peers. I'm not nervous per say, but that could easily change as the day gets closer.

I had some time on my lunch break to explore Target. I haven't been in at least a month! I was feeling a little crafty and had an idea in mind for an easy, inexpensive Christmas decoration.

I did something similar to this idea, posted by The Pleated Poppy.

Target had hot pink wreaths in their bargain section, for $2.50. I then went to scour the ornament section, and I found an 8-count ornament set for $5 and matching mini ornaments (set of 24) for $5. Then I picked up a silver bow from the gift wrapping section for $3. And, that's all I needed!

I'm horrible at posting "step by step" directions because let's face it, most of my crafting ideas are not my own, and the original blogger has already posted detailed tutorials so I can just direct you there instead of repeating it all...so with that said, here's the final result!

[edited using iPhone app, pictureshow]

Here is the unedited version, so you can see the actual colors...it's really bright! I guess it's not traditional Christmas colors, but everything is better when it's hot pink, right?! :)


Jules said...

I so wanted to make a wreath this year, but haven't found the time. You did a great job on this and it sounds like you were able to do it on the cheap. The hot pink color is so cute!

Good luck with your presentation. You are almost all finished. That is excellent!


Lauren said...

love it! those are the kinds of ornaments we have on our christmas tree!! :)

Mary A. said...

So pretty! And you're finishing Grad School? I'm jealous in a happy-for-you sort of way. I just took my marketing final --- It's gonna take me 100 years to finish my MBA.

Preppy 101 said...

Gorgeous!! Congrats on Grad school! Merry Christmas! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Absolutely everything is better HOT PINK!! That is so cute! You are so crafty!! :)

Kate said...

I LOVE this! If I have time to go to Target I might try to do this.

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

LOVE this! I love fun, whimsical holiday decor! Good luck on your very last class- knock 'em dead!

Day Old News said...

Super cute and a HUGE congrats on grad school!