Friday, July 10, 2009

Fabulous Friday - Shopping!

Happy Friday Lovelies!

It's time to play along in Danielle's Fabulous Friday!

This week's theme:

Whenever I'm shopping for a gift, whether it's for a friend's birthday or a housewarming party, I always check out these places:
(click any image to be taken to website link)

Uncommon Goods has such creative and unusual products. I've found great little things here for the bf. I have loved Red Envelope since my days in high school. I purchased my first monogrammed ring from RE and I still have it. I once got an ex-boyfriend a beautiful wood valet for his wallet, watch, etc. It came wrapped in a red box with a big white bow. Quite the showstopper. There are great gifts here for your Mom too! And of course I had to include Paper Source because I am obsessed with paper products and I love to give them as gifts.

When I'm shopping for myself, a few stand-by's include:
(again, click any image to be taken to website link)

I like to consider my style "classic." Sure, I buy trendy pieces, but they are usually inexpensive and are donated by the end of the season. Many of my classic pieces come from J Crew and Gap. I love J Crew for their soft fabrics, delicate styles and durability. I still have a pair of kelly green shorts that I bought at least 6 summers ago. They are in great shape and are still a great fit. Gap is where I go for denim. Since I'm petite, it's hard to find jeans that fit right. Gap makes most of their regular styles in petite {well, they call it ankle} so I never feel like I'm sacrificing style for fit. As for Target, who doesn't love it? I buy everything from face wash to maxi-dresses and birthday cards to dog food here. It's my one stop shop!

Now inquiring minds want to know,
Where do you love to shop?

Don't forget to link your Fabulous Friday to Danielle's post here.
This way we can all visit and get the scoop on what stores we should be shopping at!


Jess @ Living On Sweet Tea said...

i tagged you on my blog!

Dollface said...

i love this.. i shop everywhere.. and amazon! xxooo

Mrs. M said...

I love love love Target! Ann Taylor Loft and Macy's too!

Anonymous said...

I love Paper Source..I was just there yesterday!
My favorite stores:
TJ Maxx
Ann Taylor Loft

Danielle Moss said...

We should go to paper source! It's one of my favorite stores.

I could spend so much time in there...

Oh! You know what would be fun? We should take one of their workshop classes. Would you ever want to do that?

J said...

I love Target, F21 and H&M!

Preppy Pink Crocodile said...

I LOVE Paper Source! Fell in love with it my first visit to Evanston but really really miss the fabulous G'town store. I used to pop in there weekly before JLW meetings. Sniff!

Lauren @ Dreams Take Flight said...

I had never heard of Red Envelope! They have such neat things! Thanks for passing it along :) I'm a Target-lover too!

GingerSnap said...

J.Crew, Ann Taylor Loft, TJMaxx and Marshalls are my favorites! I find so many good deals there! :)

Her Preppiness said...

I love Target, J. Crew, H and M, Gap, Neiman Marcus, Brooks Brothers Outlet and Lilly

Brown Girl said...

I love Target, Nordstroms, Forever 21, and everywhere in between!

Piper Jacquelyn said...

Red Envelope has the best gifts! And I love their packaging, too. Great choices!