Monday, June 24, 2013

HANA Air Hair Dryer: A Product Review

I was very excited when Brian from Misikko contacted me to see if I would be interested in doing a product review for their website's top selling hair dryer, the HANA Air Premiere Hair Dryer, by HANA Salon. Of course I immediately said yes! I had seen other blogger's reviews for this hair dryer and knew that I would,  not be disappointed with the quality!

What I didn't know was how much thought and detail would go into Misikko's packaging of the actual product. I received a huge box which I thought would just contain the hair dryer I would be reviewing. No, no, no...I was so wrong! When I opened the package, the inside was bursting with little surprises! There were beautifully wrapped nail files, travel hand sanitizers, a heat proof pouch, bath petals, a brush, an eyelash curler, a small box of chocolates, and an adorable little teddy bear! Oh, and the hair dryer!

I have had one other expensive hair dryer in my life. I was in college and purchased a $200 dryer from my hair stylist that promised to dry my hair in 6 minutes using ionic heat. And it did. But it broke a few years ago, and I've since been using a cheap-o hair dryer from Con-Air. I always had a feeling that it was damaging my hair every time I used it and I had a lot of hair breakage during that time.

The HANA Air Hair Dryer uses a combination of a strong AC motor along with a tourmaline lined ceramic heater that will dry your hair up to 60% faster while maintaining natural shine and promoting healthy luxurious hair. It's ion technology conditions hair and reduces static electricity.

Let's get to my review since I know all of you are dying to know what I thought :)

The dryer is heavy and the cord is extremely long, but this is because it's made for professional use. It took a little getting used to, but now I hardly notice. The handle is where you can choose the heat setting (3 choices) as well as the fan speed (2 choices). I do sometimes accidentally switch from high to low or turn it off when the handle moves around in my hand, but that doesn't happen too often. In addition, there is a "cold shot" button which you just press it once to enable it and again to disable. The hair dryer also comes with an attachable concentrator (used to concentrate the flow of air) which I just keep on at all times.

I've now been using the HANA Air Hair Dryer for a little over a month. The change in my hair's health has been dramatic. It's much softer and smoother. There is less breakage and it feels much less dry and brittle than before. In fact, I went to my hair stylist for a cut since I've been using the hair dryer and she made a comment that my hair seemed much less dry and brittle than my last visit. Yay! It takes half the time to dry as a normal hair dryer would. Seriously, I have A LOT of hair and it generally takes about 25-30 minutes to fully dry with a normal hair dryer. That's a lot of unnecessary heat which in turn causes damage. With the HANA Air Hair Dryer, my hair is dry in about 12-15 minutes.

I feel so lucky that I was chosen to review this hair dryer, especially right before my wedding. My hair is in such better shape than it was before and I know it's going to look healthy and shiny on my wedding day, thanks to this product! I would highly recommend this hair dryer to anyone and everyone! You can read dozens (and dozens!) of  other 5 star reviews here.

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