Monday, March 14, 2011


boy was i lazy this weekend, but it felt so good to catch up on my sleep! besides an afternoon hike on saturday and a trip to the gym on sunday, i pretty much lived on the couch in my pajamas!

c and i rewarded ourselves with delicious Bánh mì after the hike. so yummy!

c was out of the house on sunday so i was left to fend for myself. after a trip to the gym (the guilt was killing me), i settled onto the couch for hours upon hours of bad reality television.

first up, bethenny ever after. umm, i have seen bethenny around for awhile, but i'm still not really sure what she did to become famous. i don't necessarily like this show, but it was too addicting to turn away. i've decided to tape the next episode and see if i want to continue watching. c was home for part of it, and he expressed his dislike for bethenny in about 247 different ways so i'm pretty sure he will not be on board to add this to our lineup.

next, i was sucked into the real housewives of miami. this was a first for me as i never really got into any of the "real housewives" series. drama, drama, drama! i am going to record the series for when i have a rainy day and nothing to do. i don't like any of the housewives, but i especially dislike christy.

[i had to fast forward through the parts
with marysol's mother]

after these two shows, surely you would think i was convinced to step away from the tv. no can do, my friend. next up, kourtney & kim take new york. this was probably my least favorite of my newfound reality shows. i have no desire to watch/see any more of this family, especially kim. and really, the show is boring. does kourtney even have a personality? maybe her sister kim does, but she is so busy trying to look perfect that she makes no facial expressions except clueless.

not to be left out, khloe & lamar premieres on april 10. they seem like a really sweet couple and khloe doesn't seem to be as into the drama as her sisters.

i also watched holly's world. i like holly from her girls next door days, but this show really isn't the same. i am honestly wondering if laura has a brain inside of her head. also, i think the whole jayde-holly drama is childish and it seems like it's played up for the drama factor.

i had to end on a good note so i decided to watch morning glory. i thought this movie was really cute, and it put a smile on my face. rachel mcadams, harrison ford, and diane keaton were all really good in their respective roles.

and that was my weekend in a nutshell. absolutely boring but just what i needed.

what did you do??


BroncoMom said...

LAUNDRY blah blah blah!! :)

Brown Girl said...

Seriously, RHOM was such a joke, dumbest show ever!

LKO said...

I have heard so much about bahn mi, but never tried it.

Gwen said...

I am a sucker for goofy reality television. Especially Holly's World and anything Kardashian related. Although I did like The Girls Next Door better than the spin offs for Kendra & Holly. :)

Short, Sweet, and Petite said...

Mmmm I would do anything for banh mi right now!

Shoshanah said...

I'm not watching RHOM. I watch most of the other ones, but I'm not letting myself get sucked into another season.

I do love Bethany Ever After though! I loved her on RHoNY (which is the only reason she's famous), but I think I love her even more on her own show.

Barefoot in the Park said...

sounds like the perfect weekend! i wonder why the heck i get sucked into those shows too ... i feel dumber after watching them, but can't stop! morning glory is on my list :)

Jules said...

Your weekend was a good mix of active and lazy. I love a good reality TV fix on Sunday. Marysol's mom scares me of RHOM. I also think Laura on Holly’s World is missing a brain.

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Ashley Lauren said...

the only episode of RHOM I saw was with Marysol's mother in it and she was hilarious!! 'I go to de neighbors and steel their flowers' bahahah she was soooo drunk it cracked me up! I couldn't stop laughing but gosh her face is a nightmare!!!

Susan said...

sounds like you had a very relaxing weekend full of reality tv (i'm the same way!). oh and Marysol's mother is frightening to me too!