Monday, May 17, 2010

advice from june's instyle

One of my favorite things to do is check my mail. Granted, there are a TON of bills that I'd rather not receive, but every month I look forward to getting my InStyle and Lucky magazines! This month's InStyle features the always lovely Salma Hayek [whom I especially loved in Fools Rush In].

Her feature article included Nine Things Salma Would Tell Her Younger Self. I enjoyed reading her advice, and thought you might find it interesting as well:
  1. Floss! Take care of your teeth.
  2. Don't worry too much or be discouraged by other people's opinions.
  3. Create some good habits, such as the way you eat and exercise.
  4. Don't waste time trying to impress the fools.
  5. Avoid drama, and don't spend your time talking about it or giving in to it.
  6. Count your blessings every day.
  7. Enjoy nature.
  8. Spend every second you can with your grandparents, and write down what they tell you. Film them if you can.
  9. Keep a diary. I wish I had written down all the beautiful things men have told me...and they meant it.
I thought about where I stood with all of her advice:
  1. I'm proud to say that I floss every day! For me, my mouth does not feel clean unless I do.
  2. If I got a penny for every time I worried, I'd be a million-billion-gazillionaire. I worry far too much. I wish I could relax a little and just live, but that doesn't seem very likely. In all honesty, I'm defined by my worrying.
  3. I'm working on creating good habits and learning that a lifestyle change can be good.
  4. I think we all try to impress the fools, but don't realize until it's too late that their opinions mean zip.
  5. I don't really have too much drama in my life so I'm grateful for that!
  6. I need to do this more...way more.
  7. I love nature. Except when it's 120 degrees outside and I'm getting bit by mosquitoes. Then I don't love nature so much.
  8. Unfortunately, I was not close to any of my grandparents...they had all died either before I was born or before I reached the age of 8, and we were in different states so I never had the "going to grandma's house for the weekend" experience.
  9. This blog is a diary, right? I'm good with this one :)

what advice would you tell your younger self?


Sassy In The South said...

I received this in the mail the other day!

Sweet Southern Prep said...

I'm about halfway through with mine, haven't gotten to Salma yet. Love the very first one - FLOSS! What a pain, but so so true!

Gwen said...

I haven't picked up my copies yet but I love Salma!!! She's right on with her floss advice. :) XOXO

capperson said...

Love this! i need to work on a few of those!

Lindsey said...

I love Salma and Fools Rush In has always been one of my favorite movies!!

Kristin said...

Avoiding and not giving into drama is a killer piece of advice. Such a waste of time!