Thursday, April 29, 2010

jonathan adler giveaway winner

thanks again to everyone who entered the preppy princess giveaway! i loved reading your comments about your favorite items and your favorite birthday memories! there were a total of 89 entries, and says entry #58 wins.

congratulations to Abi!

OpenID said...

Love the New York in the spring totes. I'm a follower! And my fave birthday gift that I can think of was the ipod I got last year.
Thanks for the fun giveaway!


Yay! Abi, please e-mail me {} within 48 hours with your shipping information and choice of design for each product. I will forward it on to the Preppy Princess, and your new Jonathan Adler items will be adorning your desk in no time!

A big thank you to TPP for co-hosting this giveaway with me!


Anonymous said...

I'm so excited - I don't usually win any blog giveaways. Thanks so much! And happy belated birthday. I'll email you tonight with my info.

Amanda* said...

Looks delish!