Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Wedding Recap: Formal Portraits

Looking back, I wish I had gotten more staged photos than I did, but time seemed to fly by and taking pictures was AGONIZING! It was the last thing we wanted to do after our ceremony. My photographer seemed to miss a lot of things like a first look with my dad, a photo with just my mom and I, just to mention a couple. If I had it all to do over again, I'd definitely make sure I gave the photographer a detailed list of every single picture I wanted. It might be annoying to take them, but I know I would've appreciated having those photos to look back on.


Mz Gie Awakening said...

Hi dear, I just want to say as a photographer, your photographer(s) should never had missed those moments you were seeking. It is " a Must to do list" in their own agenda's not yours. It's your photographer's faults :)

Dollface said...

Congrats girl! I haven't be on blogger in a while and so glad to see you happy! Come visit my new blog xoxox