Tuesday, July 23, 2013

And I'm Back...Winner + Updates

Hi everyone!

Well, we are officially married. Our wedding was amazing! Seriously, it felt like 1,001 things could have gone wrong (and almost did), but in the end it was a perfect day! I am still waiting for photos from our photographer, but if you want to see the preview photos she posted, you can see them here. Feel free to leave a comment on her page if you like them! She is a new photographer and I think she would definitely appreciate any feedback. Hopefully, I'll get back the photos soon and I can start sharing all of the details. I also have a few DIY ideas that I wanted to share so be on the look out for those as well.

Chris and I had a great time in Las Vegas for our honeymoon. We were there for over 2 weeks, but I think there were a few things we didn't get checked off our list. Oh well, there's always next time! It may seem weird to some of you that we chose Las Vegas as our honeymoon destination, but it really worked out well for us. We had talked about doing an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean, but it just didn't feel right to spend all that money on a trip like that. Our parents already helped us out so much with the wedding so we figured a low key trip to Vegas would be perfect. And it was! I have tons of pictures that I want to share so hopefully I'll get those up soon.

I just wanted to check in and see how everyone's summer is going! I can't believe it's almost August...time flies when you get married! Haha!


PS: Thank you to everyone that entered the Novica giveaway. The winner is comment #17, kellyr78

Monday, July 1, 2013



Now that the wedding is over, I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all of my readers for your love, support, and encouragement during the last six months! This has been such a fun time in our lives and I'm so happy I was able to share it with all of you. I plan on sharing all of the details in the coming weeks so be prepared for wedding recap overload :) I hope you know how much your comments and congratulations have meant to us. 

With that said, I am teaming up once again with Novica to provide a giveaway for my wonderful readers! 

As you may recall, Novica is one of the leading fair trade artisan websites, working with National Geographic, to give talented artists around the world a place to express their artistic talents and provide access to the world market. Their website has thousands of top fair trade gifts, accessories, jewelry, and home decor items, all uniquely crafted by talented artisans around the world. 

If you haven't been to the Novica website lately, you should really check it out! I thought I'd share some of my favorite items and at the bottom of this post, you can see what we're giving away! Trust me,  I think you're all going to love it!

Some of My Favorites!

Wouldn't this beautiful blue skirt be perfect for your summer beach trip? I think it's so pretty and kind of looks like an ocean wave. You can see more skirts here.

Isn't it true that we are always searching for the perfect little black dress? I know I am. Novica has a great selection of black dresses! Here are a couple of my favorites:

I mean really, how gorgeous are these dresses? I think they are so unique and you know that no one else will be wearing them at the next party you go to!

Now you'll need some jewelry to go with all of your new clothes. Novica has a ton of that to choose from. Check out all of their garnet chandelier earrings! The craftsmanship on the Royal Thailand style pictured below is stunning with a total of 2.5 carats of faceted garnet in the center of each earring.


We have chosen this beautiful Elephant Friendship Necklace that I think many of you would love to have! I know that I would!

Isn't this necklace precious?! "Locking their trunks, elephants become a symbol of true friendship in a necklace designed by Thailand's Jantana. The necklace is handcrafted of sterling silver, and elephants received a brushed-satin finish."

Here's how to enter (one or multiple comments are fine):
  1. Visit the Novica website and take a look around. 
  2. Come back and leave a comment with your favorite item. 
  3. Leave an e-mail address where you can be reached if you are the winner!
That's it! I'll run this giveaway until next Monday, July 8th and a winner will be notified on July 10th. Again, thank you all so much for your continued support and friendship! Good luck :)