Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Wedding Wednesday: Decorations & Details

Today I'm sharing decorations and details. The entire wedding was DIY and I pretty much did all of the preparations. The day of is a completely different story. I seemed to run out of time and my lovely mom, dad, in-laws, cousins, brothers, nephews, sisters-in-law, etc. etc. set everything up and it was exactly as I hoped it would be! I couldn't be more grateful for all of the help we received in the days leading up to the wedding.

I will say that it is tough to plan a destination wedding, even when the destination is your in-law's backyard. Setting up arrangements with the hotel, the caterer, the photographer, etc. all long distance and without any knowledge of how it will actually all come together is stressful. But having help makes a big difference!

Did you know it pretty much rained and was dreary our entire wedding weekend? That's a chance you take when you plan an outdoor event. But the crazy thing was that it rained before and after all of our events, but not during. So it was dreary for the entire rehearsal dinner but didn't actually start raining until about 30 minutes after our guests left. Then it rained all the way up until it was time to start setting up the tent the day of the wedding, but none that day. It certainly looked like it was going to pour right before our ceremony started, but it just didn't. Crazy how that works!

We had the ceremony and reception on my in-law's property. The ceremony was in an open area and the reception was held about 25 yards away under a tent! Made it super easy for all of us!

the arch we were married in front of...
my mom put this whole thing together!

aisle markers made from mason jars 
hanging from shepherd's hooks

the ceremony site from a distance

the entrance table

my homemade programs, which also served as fans

place markers 

our sand unity table

Inside the tent...

this piece of art was the first thing I bought for the wedding
and set the tone for the theme - vintage & rustic

one of my favorite song lyrics that I wrote on a chalkboard

a frame with old pictures of us as babies and kids 

our photo guestbook, made on shutterfly 

I made all of the glasses for the guests with personalized handstamped tags

I found this vintage window frame with a flowerbox
so I taped engagement photos to the panes

we used vintage suitcases as a decoration
and made one a card box 

the drink table, guestbook area, and card box

personalized napkins from The Knot

drink signs and descriptions

The tables, my mother-in-law did all of the flower arrangements
with flowers from her own garden! 

 I made these burlap silverware holders and 
stamped the hearts as well as the tags

each guest had this thank you letter at their seat 

The favors table

I made homemade peach jam and peach chutney

I also made candles!

and all of the labels and tags 

I hope you enjoyed these pictures of our decorations. These photos were definitely my favorite of the bunch. It was fun to look back again at all of the details. Next up, I'll share ceremony pictures!

All photos taken by Kirstin Bimson Photography.


KatiePerk said...

What fabulous details. Your favors are awesome!

Melissa said...

OMG you did such a good job DIY the decorations!! Im might have to steal some of the ideas! Were the burlap silverware holders hard to do?

Im thinking of doing that for my wedding which hopefully will be next year fingers crossed! And I want to do mason jars and burlap for my decorations! So when the time comes Ill prob definitely be emailing you!

starnes family said...

Simply amazing. The thought you put into everything, the execution, the details, the photography, the feeling from these pictures.......perfection!

Shoshanah said...

Everything is so gorgeous! But I think out of everything you posted, I love the favors the most. Although I'm not quite sure which one I would have chose if I was there!